My Monthly Adsense Report: February 2012


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Welcome to my February 2012 Adsense income report!

This is the second instalment in my monthly Adsense income series – the series in which I completely expose myself (mistakes, blunders, omissions, lucky breaks, and skilful, intelligent manoeuvres alike)!

I’ll spare you the blathering – let’s get into the details:

Adsense Earnings for February 2012
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My Monthly Adsense Report: January 2012

Google-Adsense 2

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Welcome to my very first monthly Adsense earnings report!

In this post I’m going to share with you exactly how much money each of my websites made last month in Adsense revenue, along with the lessons I learned and my plans for next month to grow my income.

Now, you’re probably wondering why someone would want to expose themselves, with their naked bits flashing everywhere, by revealing publicly how much money they’re making.

Good wondering! I have a few reasons for discussing my Adsense earnings – in detail – on this blog:
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How to Find Keywords with Low Competition and High Search Volume: The Ultimate Guide

finding Keywords

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If you’ve been around internet marketing for more than two days, you know that keyword research is one of the most important skills an internet marketer can have.


Because the holy grail of making money online is getting lots of free (aka organic) traffic to your websites. And the easiest way to get that free traffic is by targeting low-competition keywords that have large search volume.

There are two ways an internet marketer can find low-competition, high-volume keywords:

  1. Do smart keyword research
  2. Hire a monkey to choose some keywords out of a hat, and hope he gets it right!

Now, before you think I’m being smug, let me say that keyword research is a skill that many people find hard to master (and took me quite a while to get the hang of). I regularly receive emails from internet marketers (some new, some not-so-new) who are going about keyword research all wrong.

In this article I’m going to try to remedy that problem by showing you the steps to find keywords that get a decent amount of searches each month, but that won’t take you years to rank for.

But first, let me clarify what exactly a “low-competition” keyword is.
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My Adsense Challenge: How to Earn $10,000 per Month in Adsense Revenue

adsense challenge

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Quick – how would you like to put up a simple website and earn advertising income from it for years to come? And then replicate that process over and over to build a huge (passive) monthly income?

I’ll bet you would – and so would a lot of other internet marketers, judging by the number of “make money from Google Adsense” ebooks out there (and the popularity of my own post on how I went from $0 to $2,000 per month in Adsense revenue).

This post is the first in a series I’m calling the “Adsense Challenge”. My goal is to reach $10,000 in monthly Adsense earnings within the next twelve months.

In this post I describe:

– How I got started in Adsense
–  What I’ve learned over the past  12 months in terms of how to rank websites quickly
–  The strategy I’m going to implement to achieve my $10k/month goal.

And in upcoming blog posts I’ll describe – in detail – the steps I’m taking to achieve that goal.

But first, how my love affair with Adsense came about…

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How I Went From $0 to $2,000 per Month in Adsense Revenue (and How You Can Too)


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Back in the mid-2000s, the holy grail of making money online was Adsense. There were online “courses” galore on how to automate the production of blogs, slap some Adsense ads on them, and wait for the checks to roll in.

Well, the profile of Adsense has died down in recent years, but placing ads on your site is still the most “passive” form of Internet marketing. It’s a pretty straightforward process:

  1. Put up a website
  2. Add content
  3. Start getting traffic
  4. Place Adsense ads on your site in a way that encourages visitors to click on them
  5. Google sends you a check once a month!

If you get a decent amount of organic (free) searches to your site and place your Adsense ads in the right places, you can generate a good income hands-free. Combine that with sales of your own products and affiliate products, and you’ve got a pretty good online income!

I know this from experience. My sites have gone from generating $300 per month in Adsense revenue six months ago to generating $2,000 per month recently.

Here’s a screenshot of my September 2010 earnings:

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