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The Monster List of Keyword Brainstorming Techniques


Image by Gestionando

We all know that Google has the mother of all keyword tools. It’s free, it’s pretty comprehensive, and it now contains actual search volume data.

But the Google keyword tool does have limitations – most notably in the breadth of related keywords that it shows for your keyword. In other words, the Google tool doesn’t get inside the mind of your market and suggest all the possible keywords that could convert for your product or service.

Brainstorming keywords is a crucial step in internet marketing – whether you’re trying to optimize your site for natural search, or trying to find low-competition keywords for a pay-per-click marketing campaign. In fact, some super affiliates (like Jeremy Palmer) have said that their success boils down to this: keywords, keywords, keywords.

So how do you add to the keywords that Google gives you? Here are 15 ways you can create your seed list of keywords:

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