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Google Display Network: 13 Ways to Scale Your Campaign Once It’s Profitable

Image 1 Do you have a Google Display Network (GDN) campaign that’s profitable (even marginally)? You’re one lucky SOB!

And if you want to learn how to scale a profitable campaign, you’re about to get luckier – because in this article I’m going to tell you 13 ways that I’ve used to scale my GDN campaign.

Many of these tactics aren’t widely known, so grab a pen and paper and take some notes!

In this article I cover the following tactics to scale a GDN campaign:

  1. Change your “Delivery method” for ads to “Accelerated”
  2. Add more (related) keywords
  3. Use image ads and text ads
  4. Use the full set of image ads allowed by Google
  5. Expand to new geographic areas
  6. Expand to different languages
  7. Increase “Impression share”
    1. Increase your campaign’s budget
    2. Increase your bid
    3. Increase your Quality Score
  8. Target high-volume websites that are related to your offer
  9. Target high-volume websites that are not directly related to your offer
  10.  Target Google’s largest properties:
    1. Gmail
    2. Youtube
  11. Use Google’s Display Campaign Optimizer (DCO)
  12. Use retargeting
  13. Target mobile phones

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