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Succeeding as a Clickbank Vendor: 7 Tips from Clickbank’s Beau Blackwell

succeeding as a cb vendorImage by @tmlcom

There are a ton of different ways to make money online: selling physical goods, generating leads for businesses, monetizing traffic with advertising…the list goes on.

I’ve always been a bookworm, so when I started looking into online business models and stumbled across Clickbank, I knew I had found the model for me.

Clickbank is both an affiliate network and an online marketplace for “digital information products” (things like ebooks and membership websites, as well as software).

Most importantly for internet marketers who want to sell their own information products, Clickbank serves as a dead-simple shopping cart and a place to find thousands of affiliates.

I’ve been a Clickbank “vendor” for several years. I love being able to package up information and sell it, and Clickbank makes it really easy to do so.

One of the things that Clickbank has lacked (until now) is “lessons learned” from their most successful vendors. In addition to the Clickbank Exchange (which I attended last year and was absolutely awesome), CB is starting to hold webinars where they share the secrets of their top producers. I recently attended their first such webinar (hosted by Beau Blackwell, Clickbank’s “Client Knowledge Guru”) and wrote up some notes on it.

In this post I’ll outline the key points I took away from the webinar.

First Things First: Are You An Author or an Infopreneur?

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How to Create Your Own Information Product

This article was transcribed from a video in my Niche Sherpa Video Coaching Course. Niche Sherpa is THE course for finding profitable niches and building a sustainable online business, with 19 niche-discover videos, step-by-step PDFs, online community, and more. Click here to try Niche Sherpa (almost) free for 14 days!

So the first step in creating your own product is to take the research data that you’ve collected in either doing the private investigator approach or the survey researcher approach, review that survey data and look for the problems that your audience is most struggling with.

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Niche Product Creation: How to Create New Products by Re-positioning Existing Solutions to Timeless Problems

creating new products

Image by Georgession

One of the amazing things about our capitalist system is how timeless ideas can be re-positioned over and over again by smart entrepreneurs. In the process, old ideas become new products and services. And sometimes they become HUGE blockbusters (hello, Atkins diet and Acai berry!)

If you’re interested in a particular market, here are three questions you can ask yourself to re-position an existing idea or product:

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