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Find a Niche for Profit AND Passion: Advice from 45 Top Bloggers

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Here’s one of the most common questions I get from people who are fresh off the turnip truck:

“Moe, how can I find a niche that is profitable AND one I’m passionate about?”

I personally don’t believe you need passion for the TOPIC of your business, as long as you have an interest in some aspect of your business (which for me is niche research and product creation.

And I’ve proven it’s possible to do so. I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of my own info products in a micro health niche that I don’t have a passion for.

But I wanted to learn what other successful online entrepreneurs think…

So I sent emails to the top bloggers on the web – and 45 replied with an answer (bless their hearts!)

What’s interesting about the responses is that there are a few common threads that run through most, even though I contacted bloggers from a range of niches (including many outside the “make money online” niche).

But what’s even MORE interesting is the “contrarian” advice that some bloggers provided. They went WAY outside the box of the usual “do what you love and the money will follow” mantra.

Below you’ll find tips on how to find a niche for profit and passion from bloggers in niches as diverse as:

  • Learning a new language fast
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Photography
  • Book design
  • Minimalism
  • Online dating
  • Spirituality
  • Jazz

And, of course, making money online!

Enjoy the responses, and make sure to leave a comment below – what do you think is the best advice?

Here are the 45 bloggers:
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Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions Tool: Discover What Questions Your Audience is Asking

Wordtrackers questions tool

Image by WilFleming

What questions are your target audience typing into the search engines? Until now, I don’t think there was a keyword research tool that let you find that out. Now there is – check out Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions Tool

Here’s the result I got after typing in “mom job” (keep in mind that the search volume on Wordtracker is always a lot less than Google’s keyword tool):

Result for keyword search "mom job"

What can you use these keyword research results for?

How about writing some articles for your site (long-tail traffic), or the article directories?

I think this is an awesome way to gain insight into your audience’s pain points – and they’re telling you in plain English!