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    • moe says

      Hi Boris,

      That’s a great question.

      When doing keyword research, I follow Richard Stokes’ “behavioral categories” to categorize my keywords. In a nutshell, those categories are “Browse”, “Shop”, and “Buy”. (I will be explaining these in detail in an upcoming blog post.)

      To understand the “intent” behind a keyword, I run online surveys (which is actually easier than it sounds – see my free report for how I do it).

      Another way to figure out the intent behind a keyword is to use adLab’s Commercial Intent tool

      Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where I explain all of this in detail.

      All the best,


  1. Mark Koval says

    Hi Moe,

    Thanks for the great informational site. I am just starting my way in the internet business and I find your site very helpful. As a one who wants to do something quality, something useful, something I really believe in, not just to make money by advertising products that I either am not familiar with or just don’t believe as the ones of a good quality, what do you think is the recommended way for me? Affiliate, adsence, something else? I know I can start a blog and write about things that interest me, things I really believe in, but writing a blog isn’t really something I wanna do right now. I am more about creating niche web sites and making money from them. The way of doing that isn’t that clear to me right now. I just think that I do not want to promote products that I do not know, and buying every single product I want to promote doesn’t look very attractive to me. So, anyway, your 2 cents would be highly appreciated.


    • Moe says


      I agree with you – promoting products that you believe in is the only way to go. There are too many scammers out there promoting shoddy products as it is!

      Based on your interests, I would recommend you look into affiliate marketing, possibly using pay-per-click advertising to drive traffic. But before you do, read this article.


  2. Mark says

    Thanks, Moe. I am looking forward to create a site soon. I am studying the basics right now. And your site is of great help to me.

  3. Tania Yager says

    Just tried downloading your free 60 page report, step-by-step niche research report, after filling out your brief survey and could not download it for some reason.

    I have enjoyed reading “How to Find Gaps in Niches, so You Can Create Your Own Clickbank Products”.

    I’m literally starting out in the market and thought I would begin my learning curve via the affiliate route. No doubt looking at the small percentage who make it it is really going to be a challenge.

    I’m learning a lot but it is all theory and have not put anything into practice yet! Obviously by taking action I will learn through my mistakes.

    • Moe says

      Tania, if you still haven’t been able to download the report send me an email and I’ll get it to you: moe at keywordsblogger dot com.

  4. bob jackson says

    moe: i understand you have written a step-by-step outline on using the adsense 100k blueprint. can you tell me where i can find this? ty bob

  5. anthony says

    everyone talks about keywords and how to find them , but they never say

    anything about how to selecting a niche.

    I need to know how to find a profitable niche.
    Are niche packages worth buying.
    how do I know if a niche package is worth buying
    is there a way I can test it to see if it is profitable.
    I email alot of people but they don’t reply back ?

  6. says

    hai there,
    with all due my respect,

    nice to see this blog, i’am martin from jakarta.

    my question is, i would loved to go to bali to your place and learn about IM from you sir..

    please help me to be a good in this kind of living, to earn living. i am willing so much to learn from you.

    i have faith to learn it from you, because this is the most legit by far about IM.

    please sir, i am so thankful if you able with humble to teach me / guide me as soon as possible.

    Love and Respect.

        • Moe Muise says

          Yes, I’m also coming out with a coaching program. Will be sending out a notice to all of my subscribers and customers in the next couple of weeks…

  7. says

    ¿Puede conseguirse información tuya en español? Podría indicarme donde, por favor, particularmente su informe de investigación y cualquier otra ayuda que me pueda enviar. Muchas gracias.

  8. says

    Hi sir I really thank you for your free book I really love it thank you sir and bless your heart.please sir I want to set up my out site to make money I just seem not to get it right in don’t have a website of mine yet coz I don’t know how.can you help me make one and show me how I can make money.please sir help am a poor single mum of two boys I need help fast thanks jane.I look forward to your reply

  9. Anthony says

    I am interested in some of your products but it seems that the comments are quite old. Are you still in business. Please advise. Thank you.

  10. Norman says

    Hey Moe, thanks for this very educational site. I’m learning a ton from your posts, AND the comments. Question: Why did you stop posting comments? Looks like they ended around 2014. I learn so much from reading them. Keep the good info coming!

    • Moe Muise says

      Great question, Norman. I stopped publishing new blog posts because I finally took my own advice: focus on one thing at a time! I’m focused on increasing revenue to my own sites these days – not on blogging.

    • Moe Muise says

      Course will be retired in 2018, because I’m working on a free version that will be greatly expanded and available here on my blog.

      • norman t sowell sr says

        Hi Moe, thanks for the update. Been waiting for something new from you. I’ve learned a ton from your site. Hope to learn much more. When do you think the new course will be available (ballpark)?

        • Moe Muise says

          Appreciate your feedback and kind words, Norman. New (free) guide will be available in January 2018. It’s going to blow away anything currently available!

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