How to Grow an Email List: 7 Steps to Get You Started

If you’ve been in internet marketing for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard the saying “The money’s in the list”.

What does that mean, exactly?

Put simply, it means there’s a lot of money to be made in nurturing relationships with people via email.

It took me a while to realize that, but now I have an email opt-in box on every one of my sites. And when a visitor to one of my sites gives me their email address, they automatically start receiving emails that I’ve set up through my autoresponder.

Confused? If this all sounds like Greek to you, check out the video above. In the video I take you through:

  • 3 reasons why you should start collecting the email addresses of your site visitors
  • 3 ways to collect email addresses that have worked extremely well for me
  • 7 steps to get started in setting up your email list system

Click the image above to download the PDF of this presentation

And if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

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  1. says

    Hey Moe!

    Great video mate – easy to follow and a nice calming voice too I might add.
    I would love your advice here, and that is regarding my Amazon based niche sites.
    I have thought about adding a popup and email list to the sites (keeping the relevant ones on the same list) but my question to you is – what do you suggest I fill the auto responder with. I can offer a report on something related as incentive to sign up, or even offer to send them the latest offers and deals (although this would seem pointless considering I want them to buy now) but what do I write in the follow up emails? And further to this, how do I monetize this list? Considering the idea with the Amazon sites is to make the sale there and then, it makes me wonder how I can get even more out of them through an email followup?

    Thanks again for the great video Moe.

    • Moe says

      Hey Alex – I’ve had 8 years as a parent to practice that calming voice. But because I have two banshees…I mean, boys… it’s often been followed by a “shouting” voice 😉

      Regarding your question about what to fill your autoresponder with: do some research to find out the range of problems facing your niche audience, and fill your autoresponder with tidbits of solutions to those problems.

      A few ideas for ways to find out your audience’s problems:

      (1) Include a two-question survey on the page that follows the email opt-in.

      As you know, aWeber allows you to specify the web page that a subscriber goes to after they’ve submitted their email address. Send them to a brief questionnaire, containing these questions: “What’s your most important question about ___”, and “How difficult has it been to find an answer to that question on the Internet?”

      (2) Run a pop-up survey on the site for a few weeks (using the same questions mentioned above). A service like will provide you with the code to do this. I’m running pop-up surveys on a couple of my sites at the moment. Great source of insight into customer needs.

      (3) Just do some niche research in online forums. I have some suggestions for how to do that in Find Your Market’s Pain Points.

      Once you’ve found out what problems your visitors are having, it’ll be pretty easy to know what to say in your autoresponder messages, and what affiliate products to promote.

      Hope that’s useful,


  2. says

    Great video

    As you’re using the Niche Pop Up domination it might not be as sensible in your case, but you could also add your opt-in form in the footer of your posts & pages. I can drive up to 40% of opt-in in some of my site with no pop-up solutions

    • Moe says

      @Franck – that’s a great idea. I’ve seen those footer opt-in forms on some blogs, but haven’t tried one on my blog. If you can recommend a specific product that works well, please do.


  3. R0nn13 says

    Moe, as always…good info. Got a question that I’ve tossed around in my beer-soaked noggin’: should I try to capture emails from websites I’ve built for AdSense? Haven’t yet tried, hoping you have some insight.

    Thanks and best of luck to you.

    • Moe says

      @R0nn13 – I would capture emails from EVERY site you have up, even the ones you’ve built for Adsense.


      Because doing so will increase your Adsense revenue. Here’s how: every time you post a new article to your Adsense sites, send an email out to your subscribers notifying them. Some of them will go and read that new article – and click on the Adsense ads in the article.

      The beauty of this strategy is that it costs you nothing (except the time to write the article) to generate that extra Adsense revenue. (By the way, I describe this strategy in detail in my post “How I Went from $0 to $2,000 per Month in Adsense Revenue“.)

      As well, you can start promoting affiliate products (or your own products) to the people who join your email list.

      Bottom line: if you’re not capturing visitors’ email addresses at every opportunity, you’re leaving money on the table.


  4. Alwyn says

    Hi Moe, under the title “How to Grow an Email List: 7 Steps to Get You Started” there is nothing, just white background. What’s wrong ? Thx, alwyn

  5. Jim says

    Hello Moe,
    Just wanted to say thanks for all helpful tips you have been sending
    my way. I also want to make you aware that some of us can not view
    your videos when living in other countries. I am referring to your
    last video titled How to Grow an Email List: 7 Steps to Get You Started.
    I currently live in China and China blocks all youtube videos. Just
    something for you to consider when sending out material to your list.

    • Moe says

      Thanks for pointing that out, Jim. Shame about the Youtube blockage in China.

      I’m going to look into self-hosting the videos, so this isn’t a problem in future. In the meantime, I’ve uploaded a PDF of the presentation, in case you’d like to print out a copy.


  6. says

    Hey Moe,

    You probably already know this, but if you go into ‘Discussions ‘ Options and enable Threaded comments then your comment replies will appear directly below those to whom you replied, so no more of this @such and such.

    Just thought I’d share 🙂

    • Moe says

      Aha! That’s why you’re my “pro blogger”, Alex! I just enabled threaded comments, and the comments look a lot more organized. Genius.

      Thanks, mate.


  7. Hebdo says

    Moe… great web site. It’s the best I have seen todate. It’s been a couple of years I wanted to start on Internet Marketing, the 1st step is get a domain and niche. This is been my problem and why I have not started, My question to you, do you recommend any niche to start with, I will really appreciate any suggestion you give me and I will take over from there

    Thank you in advance

    • Moe says

      Hi Hebdo – thanks for your compliments. As far as niches go, I would look at carving out a slice from one of the “big three”: health, wealth, and relationships. Those are all macro-niches, with millions of searches per month. Which aspect if those niches you choose will depend on your interests and profit potential. I’ve written a few posts under “niche research” – check out those to get you started.



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