KWBlogger Podcast #2: Get the Scoop on Clickbank with Super Affiliate Miles Baker


In this podcast interview, I’m joined by Clickbank super affiliate Miles  Baker of Miles has been making money online as a Clickbank vendor and affiliate for 12 years (that’s right – I said 12 YEARS, not months!). He’s also one of Clickbank’s Top 100 Affiliates and Vendors, achieving membership in ClickBank’s exclusive Premier and Apex Elite programs for two years running.

In this podcast you’ll hear Miles and I discuss:

– How a $7 cheque (“check” for my American readers) ignited Miles’ online marketing business
– A simple test that Miles uses to see if there’s demand in a market
– How to find a product that’s worth promoting
– Miles’ six steps to establish a solid foundation for your online business
– Why Miles is moving away from SEO for his traffic
– How Miles’ new online community can help you launch your Clickbank business (for free)

If you’d like to download the transcript of the interview, please click here.

And make sure to check out the heaps of informative content on

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  1. mistodin says

    Moe, it would be nice that you provide a summary of the content for videos and audios (for those who can’t afford to spend 55 minutes…)

    • Moe Muise says

      Understood, mistodin. But I did provide a few points on what’s in the audio, and you can always download the transcript and skim it…


      • Mccoy says

        Thanks for providing a transcript Moe. I find it less time consuming to skim through that and read the parts I’m interested in than try to listen to the whole audio.

  2. Alex says


    Great podcast! Thanks so much for sharing the interview! It really got me motivated to check more into Clickbank, as I look to diversify my income streams in light of the recent Google Panda updates.

    Thanks again!

    • Moe Muise says

      Yep, the Panda updates (and Google’s slap last week of blog networks) make it even more important to diversify income streams – and sources of traffic. I’ll be addressing the issue of diversification in an upcoming blog post.


  3. says

    Hi Moe
    I enjoyed the podcast with Miles Baker about Clickbank and affiliate marketing. I guess the main point was that at the end of the day, you need to be a vendor with your own product if you want to make some ‘real’ money!
    But I’m still plugging away as an affiliate, making some sales and primarily still concentrating on SEO and building my site (30 pages so far).
    P.S. good idea to have a transcript so you can read later and high-lite main points.
    P.P.S. My first cheque wasn’t $7, it was $102.19 so I feel quite good! (LOL)

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