Finding a Niche Market: 9 Little-Known Brainstorming Techniques


Image by XtremeFreelance

One of the biggest problems new internet marketers face is which niche to pursue. There are literally millions of topics and products being searched for and discussed on the web. And Google has reported that 20% – 25% of their daily search queries are unique. That means even interest in different niches on the web is constantly changing.

When I first heard that it was possible to make money online, I started to devour as much free information that I could find. But after doing that for a couple of weeks, I wanted to take action. Then I found myself staring at my computer screen thinking, “Now what?”

Finding a good niche is one of the most important steps in making money online. If you don’t find the right niche from the get-go you face some MAJOR risks:

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