Split-Testing Ads: A Concrete Example of How It Saves Money in a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

In this video I take you inside one of my running pay-per-click campaigns and show you the huge difference in CPA (cost-per-acquisition) that two ads can have.

In this campaign my objective is to get the visitor to opt in to my email list, in exchange for free videos.

One ad is getting a CPA of below $3, while the other ad is averaging closer to $7 – so the second ad costing me more than double!

Do you have experience with split-testing ads? Is so, what’s your experience been? If not, what questions do you have?

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  1. says

    Bookmarked, great post! What are your thoughts on “Google Adwords Certification” (Google Partners) its free from Google but I am just wondering if its worth my time.

    • Moe Muise says

      I’m not sure it’s worth the time, Cam. I prefer to learn from running campaigns. But if you have lots of time on your hands, go for it!

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