Thanks for taking my survey!

If you left your email address in the survey, I’ll be in touch with you shortly. 

And I’ll be sharing the results of the survey with all of my subscribers once I’ve done the analysis! 

To niche profits,










  1. says


    A very considerate approach to serving your aspiring fans. I’m sure you’ll find my response a good insight into what many of your followers are thinking ; )

    To building a prosperous relationship with a IM Guru we can trust!


  2. says

    I have responded to a few other surveys like this. Marketers who want’s my opinion on this or that, mostly like your’s: What-would-you-want-to-help-your-struggle questions.

    After that – no feedback. No nothing. Seems like all they wanted was new ideas for highend products to create.

    One HUGH exception: Gary Vaynerchuk.

    So – I’m really looking forward to see the outcome of this survey.
    Good luck!

  3. Fred says

    Thanks for the email Moe. You seem like a stand up guy. I read getting rich in a niche last year. Nice of you to help folks get going.

  4. Hans says

    I look forward to see your survey results. It allowed me to ID & accept my lack of knowledge in building a website and in how to find a Niche that is profitable. Costs are always an issue with me, since I’ve been sucked in so many times it is embarrassing !! :o)

    I hope you will find many new clients and be prosperous. Good luck.

    Best regards,

    Hans Lussenburg

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