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Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions Tool: Discover What Questions Your Audience is Asking

Image by WilFleming What questions are your target audience typing into the search engines? Until now, I don’t think there was a keyword research tool that let you find that out. Now there is – check out Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions Tool Here’s the result I got after typing in “mom job” (keep in mind that […]

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Breakthrough Advertising: A Summary of Eugene Schwartz’s Classic Marketing Text

Image by FirepoleMarketing Breakthrough Advertising: How to Write Ads That Shatter Traditions and Sales Records is an absolute classic in the field of marketing. Its publisher claims that the ideas in Breakthrough Advertising have generated millions of dollars in revenue for its readers, and this is one of the few books that I would believe […]

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36 Niche Markets Revealed By Howie Schwartz

Image by @masstransmit If you’re looking for some good brainstorming material for new markets to enter, check out Howie Schwartz’s free report entitled “36 Money Pulling Niches“. In the report he covers some of the standard niches (e.g. weight loss, acne), but there are definitely some niches that are out of the mainstream (green smoothie, anyone?) […]

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Six Proven Principles of Persuasion

Image by @innovaXP Anyone who’s been around internet marketing for a while is familiar with the concepts of “scarcity” and “social proof”. Here’s an example of these two concepts in action: “Hey {!firstname_fix}, Frank Kern is launching Mass Control 13.0! Dude, EVERYBODY is buying this product! You better get it quick, because there are only 13 […]

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The Monster List of Keyword Brainstorming Techniques

Image by Gestionando We all know that Google has the mother of all keyword tools. It’s free, it’s pretty comprehensive, and it now contains actual search volume data. But the Google keyword tool does have limitations – most notably in the breadth of related keywords that it shows for your keyword. In other words, the […]

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Should I Enter This Market? 7 Questions for Information Marketers

Image by HDYO Once you’ve brainstormed your list of niche topics, it’s time to narrow down your list to a handful of niches that have the highest potential for success. This leads to a question that’s often asked by new internet marketers: if I enter market X, am I going to lose my shirt? While […]

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Find Your Market’s Pain Points: 5 Proven Online Research Techniques

“To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal ideas from many is research.”

Wilson Mizner, playwright, raconteur, and entrepreneur

How many times have you been told that you need to “get inside your customer’s head” to be able to sell successfully on the web? Countless times, no doubt.

But what exactly does “getting inside your customer’s head” mean? Simply put, it means that you need to…

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Finding a Niche Market: 9 Little-Known Brainstorming Techniques

Niche market research is one of the most crucial steps in internet marketing – and also one of the hardest steps. But there are many tools that Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and information marketers can use to find new niches that are both high-volume and profitable. This post describes 9 techniques to brainstorm such niches, and covers numerous websites that can assist in the brainstorming process.

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