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To niche profits,

Moe Muise

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  1. Margaret says


    I am unable to download your free report book. The window shows error of my email address and name. Next window confirms my subscription.


    • moe says

      Hi Margaret – your email was captured in my aWeber account, so I’m not sure why you didn’t get the report. Anyway, I’ll email it to you.


  2. Glenn Drouin says

    I can’t read it, it’s just a bunch of jumbled letters. I just got this computer and downloaded internet explorer and this is the second email I’ve tried to open that did that. It kept giving me a message like the file is corrupted and something like it can’t be found.

  3. Jimmy says

    I read your e-book in one sitting! I like the fact that you have taken a scientific approach to this. It is straightforward but, as you said, it’s not easy. But that’s why I find your approach appealing and believable. I get turned off by e-book authors who make promises after promises, and try to dope me with benefits. Your approach respects my right to think for myself.

    • moe says

      Thanks for your kind words, Jimmy! I’m glad you liked my report.

      You’re right – finding a profitable niche is straightforward, but not easy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of shysters on the Web who claim that if you just buy their product, “cash will be flying into your pockets overnight” (I actually saw that on a sales page recently). Not true. Like anything else worthwhile, making money online requires hard work. But for those of us who put in the effort, the passive income is well worth it.

      All the best,


    • moe says

      Hi Jimmy,

      That’s a great question – thanks for asking it.

      All of the niche research techniques outlined in my report apply whether you have a website or not. The purpose of niche research is to understand your audience’s problems, pain points, needs, and desires. Once you’ve gained that knowledge, you can use it in many ways that don’t require a website.

      Here’s one example. Say you’re an affiliate marketer, and you promote dating offers. But you don’t have your own dating website – you use pay-per-click (PPC) marketing to direct link to the dating offers of various merchants. With your knowledge of a particular niche audience, you can (a) choose more targeted websites to advertise on, and (b) write MUCH better PPC ads – ads that speak directly to your niche audience’s needs.

      Hope that answers your question,


      P.S. You might also be interested in a post I recently wrote for Clickbank’s blog that touches on this issue. You can read it here.

  4. Hi Moe says

    I am new to internet marketing. I have been doing a lot of research to find my niche. Your report was very informative and detailed with step by step instructions. Some of the places where you said go here or check out this site was not a hyper link, therefore was unable to access it. Most were near the end of your report. Would like to know if you can revise your report to include those hyper links? It would be greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for providing this valuable report.


    • moe says

      Hi George – thanks for your question. The best place to start is by choosing your niche, as detailed in my report. If you have any specific questions, please post them here and I’ll do my best to help.


  5. Cormac says

    Read in one sitting – very helpful.
    Same comments as Deborah above, except I only had a couple of links that actually worked – on the beginning pages! Was surprised your email link worked – (redirect to this page). Again, very helpful. Thank you.

    • moe says

      My apologies for the technical glitches in the report, Cormac. I’m working on getting that fixed, and will send you a copy with functioning links as soon as it’s ready.


  6. says

    Excellent report. However, on page 56 I was unable to use a hyperlink at the end of this sentence: “narrow down the online business model you’re most
    interested in (there’s a good summary of models here).” Could you send me that link or make it available here?

    Am I correct in assuming, having read your report’s conclusion, that now you have been researching niches for the last 4 years that you have come to the conclusion that the most profitable niches are the ones that involve teaching a segment (i.e. male students, moms or baby boomers) how to make money online? If that is correct, then are you advocating selling the same “make money online” products but marketed and packaged for the target market.?

    • moe says

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your questions. In response:

      (1) There’s a good summary of online business models here.

      (2) In my experience, one can charge more money for a product that will make the purchaser more money (online OR offline). The reason it’s easier to sell someone a “make money” product than, for example, a hobby product, is the “mental accounting” in the mind of the purchaser.

      When someone is considering making a purchase for their hobby, they often categorize that purchase in their mind as an “expense”. But if that purchase will make the person money, they categorize it as an “investment”. That subtle psychological difference allows people to justify paying $5k – $10k to attend a weekend seminar on real estate investing (for example). Would a hobbyist pay $5k – $10k to attend a weekend seminar on model trains? I know some model train fanatics, and even though they’re crazy about trains, I doubt they’d plunk down that kind of cash.


  7. says

    This is fantastic information. If only you could get this in the hands of every newbie IMer before they got sucked into the “get rich quick and easy” schemes.

    It almost seems like divine intervention that I came across your free report. The info you share dovetails perfectly with the approaches of another couple of IMer’s that I also recently stumbled across, Andre Chaperon and Peter Spaepen.

    Your report was extremely well written, and thanks to you I now feel that my IM path is clearly defined.

    Thanks Moe.

    • moe says

      And thanks to you for the feedback, Mike! I completely agree with your point about the “get rich quick and easy” schemes. In my experience, and in talking with other IMers who make a full-time income online, the path to online success is neither “quick” nor “easy”. But it’s also not impossible – it just requires focus, discipline, and persistence.

      I checked out your site, and see that you’re using the Socrates WordPress theme. Good choice. I use it for a number of my niche Adsense sites, and get upwards of a 10% clickthrough rate on my ads.

      Thanks again for your comments.


  8. Charlie says

    Moe, Thank you for the free info. I need all the help I can get and it is very gracious of you to offer it free. Thanks again.

    • moe says

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Charlie. I really appreciate the feedback. I’ll be posting regularly on niche research topics, so stay tuned.


  9. Ralph says

    Your great!! Wish i could add to my lack of experience all your Fantastic information
    So tough when trying in vain! Need mentouring Help free from all the need to get get!!
    Something auto webs & set ups Hosting at least till that first sale happens…Cheers

    Ralph Columbus

    • moe says

      Hi Ralph – many thanks for your comments. Building an internet business takes time and patience. I know that sometimes you just want to throw in the towel (I’ve been there), but take inspiration from those who are now earning a solid income from the web. Most IM “gurus” went through the same things you are!


  10. says

    What a terrific report. Thank you very much. Many times have I gone online to find something about how to find a niche, and today is the first time I found a complete step-by-step process to do it. Your report is clear, easy to understand, methodical approach, and it is FREE. Talks a lot about you as a person. Now is up to me to put it to work. I will let you know how I go.

    Thank you again,

    Sonia Taylor

    • moe says

      Thanks, Sonia! You’ve hit it on the head: now it’s up to you to put it to work. I think three things are key to success online (or offline, for that matter): implementation, learning from your experience (and the experience of others), and persistence.

      Please do let me know how you progress.


  11. Olga says

    I loved the report and will be sure to give it a good go, the only remark are the links in this report do not work is there a way to solve this?
    Regards Olga

    • moe says

      HUGE apologies to everyone for the links not working (including you, Olga).

      I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a dummy when it comes to technology. (Well, maybe I’m a little ashamed.)

      The links in the report are now fixed. I’ll email everyone a working copy.


  12. says

    Hi Moe
    I’ve read quite a few ebooks on Niche Research and I have to say that your report was so very different to the others – much more informative and approaching the subject from a unique direction. Newbies especially will find this report very helpful and a must read!
    By the way, did you realise that the links were not hyper-linked – so clicking on them was not going to work? (this is a major techie no no for a report!!)
    Graham in UK

  13. says

    Sir; I have tried to make money on the net for a long time. Without any luck. ppc and so on. I always thought that Affiliate was a good way to go. Just have never done any good. Your paper has brougt a lot of insite to the process. MY Main question is this.
    I would like to download your paper to my site to help OTHERS That I no need help. How do I do that. My email is .com

    • moe says

      Thanks for your comments and question, Maynard (or is it Doug?). PPC (pay-per-click advertising, for those who don’t know) can be tough. I recently talked to a newbie who spent $1,000 on PPC campaigns over a matter of days, and didn’t make nearly enough to cover that $1,000 ad spend.

      The most important element of PPC is the conversion rate you’re getting on the product you’re promoting. If the product is targeted to the right people (i.e. people who are actively looking for the solution that the product offers), then you should have a very high conversion rate. A lot of people focus on the cost-per-click when planning PPC campaigns. But cost-per-click is (almost) irrelevant if you’re getting a very high conversion rate.

      Regarding my report, you can host it on your site if you wish, so your readers can download it. I just ask that you don’t make any changes to the report.

      Hope that helps,


  14. Jimmy says

    Your ebook got me thinking (again). I can use your techniques to create PLR (Private Label Rights) articles, and sell them on Ebay. Or, sell them to anyone who needs the articles for his/her niche business.

  15. Barry Dawson says


    I loved your report, it’s better than all the rest of the information I’ve seen put together. I’ve been in the IM hunt for about 6 months now and have been learning as much as possible but I was scared to go into action. With this info, I can saftely say that I’m putting your words into my action.

    One of the best things about your approach is you don’t flood your webpage with claims of absurd incomes and promises of the same for those who buy your system.

    BTW, are you channeling Tom Selleck in your photo? (the chest hair, tropical scenery)

    Kind regards,

    • moe says

      Barry said: “BTW, are you channeling Tom Selleck in your photo? (the chest hair, tropical scenery)”

      Ha! The funny thing is, that’s not even a photo of me at the end of the report! I just grabbed that photo from Google Images. But come to think of it, I do have a lot of chest hair…

      Thanks for your feedback on the report, Barry. You’re right about the absurd income claims on a lot of “make money online” sites. Most of the people who own those sites either (a) aren’t making any money themselves, or (b) are making good money, but have been in this business for years. I have yet to meet a single person who started making significant income within weeks/months of getting into IM (and I’ve met a lot).

      Bottom line: if you’re brand new to this, expect to spend some time learning by reading, then some time setting up sites, then some time groping around, then some time learning from doing. Only then will the money come.


  16. says

    This report is top notch. I read your article about choosing a niche in a ClickBank newsletter and then I saw this so I got it and I learned some great tips.

    Thanks for the read

  17. Michèle says

    Howdy Moe!!

    Okay, so I’ve been sitting on the sidelines of IM since the “turn of the century” but everything seemed too good to be true (pyramid schemes, vitamins, and useless reports that claimed to make you a millionaire watching tv). My only regret was not working SFI as I was one of the original sign-ups(!!!), but I digress.

    I was laid off last year and thought to myself, I never want to work for another “human being” again. Period. If I have to panhandle, I’ll do it to get my own thing going. I then started to read, study, browse, sign up, download, read some more, but could not actualize any of the material. Paralysis by analysis? Maybe, but I honestly didn’t know where to start.

    Enter Moe, stage right. You, kind sir, have created the ultimate road-map! I had actually spent 10 hours following the instructions on Clickbank (find 10 offers you like, search for related keywords, etc.) when I came across this report. How? I don’t even remember, but by divine intervention at the very least. My most profuse thanks to you and your willingness to share this wealth of information to the rest of us who have an inbox with 1500+ guru emails telling us how simple it would be if we just spent $47…blah, blah, blah! I will pay this one forward FOR SURE!

    You are the bomb! LOL
    Michele from Montreal

    P.S. How can you be sure not to waste money in the CPC arena. I’m so scared of this as a friend of mine burned through $1000 in 2 days without making a cent. If you have any tips, I’m all ears (eyes??…whatever)!

    Thanks a million…

    • moe says

      Howdy Michèle,

      We’re almost neighbours (I’m in Ottawa). Do you know what people in Montreal say is the best thing about Ottawa? It’s only two hours from Montreal! But I digress…

      Many thanks for your feedback on my report. I truly hope it serves as a road-map for you! And I completely sympathize with your feelings about working for someone else. I come from an entrepreneurial family, and my father would rather eat grass than be an employee.

      Regarding your question about how not to waste money in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, I really think you need to choose, and learn about, a niche audience first. When you’re armed with knowledge of the needs, challenges, and desires of your audience, you’ll be able to pick products much more easily, write far more targeted ad copy (for PPC campaigns), etc. Like you, I also know people who have burned through $1,000 in a couple of days through PPC advertising (in fact, I also did that when I started out). In my opinion, the mistake people make is to “pick products”, then blindly choose keywords and write uninformed ad copy. When you take the time to step back and understand how your audience ticks, it really helps to put all of these puzzle pieces together.


  18. says

    Your article in the clickbank blog was the first one I have read as I never thought to go there before, but now I realise that the Elusive Niche I have been searching for won’t be found until I read every word in your free ebook which should be required reading for every would be internet marketer!

    Now after nearly 40 websites and thousands wasted on get rich, ,make millions by luchtime schemes/pdf’s and advice to go after specialised niches I will now stop my madness by reading your ebook, nay Internet Marketers Bible! before I rush out and buy another exotic domain name!

    Thank You So Very Much, Moe

    • moe says

      Wow, I never thought anyone would ever refer to my report as a “bible”! Needless to say, I really appreciate your kind words, Morgan. I hope you get some great ideas from the report.

      Being a surfer, I had to check out your Body Glove website. Looks great! Really brought me back to the beach. Have you considered putting Google (Adsense) ads on that site? I did a quick search on Google’s keyword tool and saw that some wetsuit-related keywords are getting a decent cost-per-click. If your site is getting organic traffic you should be able to make a few bucks off ads. But I’m getting off-topic 😉


  19. Daniel Gable says

    I want you to know Moe, that I have never felt comfortable with giving out my email address because of the abuse on the internet. You are the first I have ever felt comfortable with giving that info. Thank you for your posts!


    • moe says

      And thank you for your trust, Daniel! I agree that there’s a lot of abuse on the internet (it really is the Wild West out there, for good and bad).


  20. says

    I have just finished reading your book FINDING A NICHE :ITDOESN’T HAVE TO BE A BEACH and i must appreciate it is an awesome report i have ever read.In other reports i have found that other writers accentuate mainly on finding a product and and to promote it.They never say who should we target,how to get the segment of people who are in dire need of the products .From this point of view you have done very well.THANK YOU for this free report.But could you please let us (who dont have a website )know how to promote affiliate marketing without a website successfully?

    • moe says

      Hi Bappa – thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. You hit it on the head: choosing WHO you target is the first step. Product selection should come only after you’ve learned what your audience is actively searching for.

      Regarding your question about affiliate marketing: I do know people who direct link to affiliate offers (I’ve never done it myself), but I don’t think I’d recommend it as a “starting point” for anyone who is new to internet marketing – especially if you’re using pay-per-click advertising. I’ve talked to many people who have burned through A LOT of money direct linking, but have made little profit. Better to set up a basic website, and then either send paid traffic to it, or take the time to build organic (free) traffic to it.

      Bottom line: choose an audience, learn what they’re looking for, set up a website, then start testing different ways of getting traffic to your site. You’ll learn a heck of a lot by doing that, and can build on what you’ve done right, while learning from your mistakes.


  21. Alan says

    Thanks Moe – a really well explained guide to finding a niche. How come you give so much for free? Very kind of you!
    I’ve been reading so many of those “get rich quick on the internet” sites, but none of them have given really practical assistance. But between you and clickbank I am keen to get to get started.

    • moe says

      Thanks for your feedback, Alan! Clickbank is a great place to get your feet wet in internet marketing – but you have to take some time in choosing high-quality products. There are some legitimate, high-value information products on Clickbank, but also a lot of garbage. Make sure to look at the “gravity” indicator and sales page for each product (paying especially close attention to the benefits listed on each product’s sales page).


  22. Dean says

    Bravo Moe! I have recently purchased an online package through Michelle Mathews, and after 4 days straight in front of my Pc, with sleep of course, I stumbled upon your niche report. I have read way way to much already about things I know nothing about, but I am very driven being a recent single Dad of a 4 yr. old daughter. So after reading your report I was compelled to comment, especially after seeing your pic on the beach. I thought the niche topic was something I needed to understand better after trying to figure out what I was going to do as an affiliate on ClickBank. I must say you have opened up my eyes to another world! It seems like I am playing a RPG game and the tasks is what are the world wants and needs. It’s up to me to find it and supply it! I think of myself of being very perceptive and I would like to know if I’m on the right track. Your opinion is greatly appreciated since reading your fabulous niche report.

  23. moe says

    I think you said one thing that’s key, Dean: “the task is what the world wants and needs. It’s up to me to find it and supply it”. Developing profitable products is so straightforward, and yet most marketers ignore it: find out what an audience is desperately looking for, then find a way to giveit to them.

    Thanks for your insightful comment!


  24. dw says

    First, thank you for the opportunity to read your e-book; FINDING A NICHE: IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A BITCH”
    I’m a strong believer , the way to success lies in two camps; honest work and the lotto. Well I belong to the first. Your e-book was interesting, confirming, challenging and I wonder why your not teaching this subject in a college. Found it to be easy to follow. Reading this e-book makes me believe those 60 pages is only a brief look at a larger picture. This information provided by you and supported with references, makes niche analysis much easier to grasp.
    As a novice , performing this type of analysis’s will require practice to develop better eye and understanding of data collected by your system. I’m looking forward to this challenge. Last, your advise to “newbie’s” is similar to my own schedule. In past weeks, learning internet marketing has been very confusing to say the least. I have collected many puzzle pieces, and now I am starting to put
    them together to give a little light at end of a dark tunnel. Niche research is the 1st major piece. I will Continue to search for those pieces still missing, to complete this puzzle called internet marketing.
    Please keep me on your mailing list and I look forward to reading your next lesson.
    Thanks again

    • moe says

      Hi dw,

      Like you, I’m also a big believer in hard work. And the great thing is, if you’re an hard worker, you immediately rise above the majority of other internet marketers – because most people in IM give up before they succeed. I truly believe that anyone who has a thriving IM business is not “lucky” or “smart”, they’ve just been more persistent, and have learned from their mistakes.

      Keep working on putting those puzzle pieces together. And thanks for your thoughtful comments!


  25. says

    Hello, Moe.
    Thank you for your ebook about niche identification.
    Thoughtful. Well organized. Good advice.
    However, I suggest you consider deleting that “Doesn’t have to be
    a bitch” headline.
    I can understand how the rhyming alliteration seemed irresistible,
    but use of “bitch” can give a tacky first impression. It tends to demean
    the otherwise sensible premise of the rest of your book’s content.
    Best Wishes.
    — Sidney.
    Victoria, BC.

    • moe says

      Hi Sidney – you’re right, the alliteration was irresistible! But I also agree that the word “bitch” is a little tacky. And the rhyming doesn’t even work in places like Canada, the U.K., and Australia, where we pronounce the word “niche” like “neesh”.

      Thanks for your suggestion, and feedback on the report.


  26. Shakir says

    The content of the e-book was great, actually one of the best that I’ve read for free. I think you could have charged for this one. One problem though, only a few of the links in the book worked. If you could, please send me a list of all the links that you referred your readers to in the book. Also put me on your mailing list I think I can go far with the type of information you provided in this book. Thanks!! Great Book.

    • Moe says

      @Shakir – thanks for your feedback!

      You have already been added to my mailing list, and I’ll email you a copy of the report with working links.


  27. Marcia says

    Thank you for your information. It is the first time i am learning about niche identification and i know that this will help me in getting to understand what is to be done in affiliate marketing.

  28. says

    Moe, thanks for spelling it out finally. I was going crazy trying to tie all of the pieces together figuring out affiliate and niche marketing. I am really looking for a solid plan of attack utilizing your techniques for building niche promotions that I can have fun with and monetize. Any other suggestions – let me know.

    your friend,
    craig reese

  29. bappa says

    Hello MOE,I have finished reading your book ”FINDING A NICHE ………………..A BEACH”.I must admit you have written the book on an awesome topic FINDING NICHE which is the most important in internet marketing.please tell us something about affiliate marketing(click bank etc).And last of all don’t stop sending your newsletter.I am enjoying it.

  30. simina says

    Your e- book that I’ve just finished reading was great!! It helped me understand very well how should I choose my niche. I read lots of articles about finding a niche…but this one is the most useful that I found and for free…contains all the information you need to be successfull in affiliate marketing.
    Thank you Moe!!!

  31. jules says


    I signed up with Clickbank but it was confusing on how to established myself so cancelled the subscription and got a full refund. Now I am willing to give it another go at this. Only thing is that I am so confused on how to start. I happen to be that type of person who needs visual assitance (step-by-step) on how to create my account. I don’t want to spend to much money on separate programs for this and that. Rather go with one site and get started. Please help and I am trying to come up with additional funds for everyday living expenses and don’t want to go out and get a second job from my full time job. Thanks and hope to get word from you at my email.

    • Moe says

      Hi Jules,

      Thanks for leaving a comment, and mentioning your challenges. As mentioned in this post, I will be launching a paid program (called Niche Sherpa) in the coming weeks. That might be something that interests you.

      I would caution you, though, that if you’re new to internet marketing it can take some time before you get the hang of things and the money starts coming in. Contrary to what many of the make-money-online courses say, this is not a “get rich quick” business.

      All the best,


  32. says

    Your report is worth reading and i would recommend it to other guys.But pls don’t make it a sales pitch to premium membership or course,just keep it clean and unfolded fully.
    Keep your good posts

  33. says

    I’ve now ploughed through your in-depth Report (more like a volume). The contents are pure genius and should, seriously, be offered for a price. That said, I’m grateful you’ve provided this material gratis. Nevertheless, there should be an attached price-tag. It’s that good!

    I know a bit about market research, but some of your ideas are foreign to me… and I assume others as well. E.G., doing a “problem” search within forum sites. I hadn’t thought of that till you pointed this out.

    Thanks for providing this Report. I’m excited to have found you, Moe! :-))

    • Moe says

      Thanks Darryl! At the risk of “tooting my own horn”, many people have said I should be charging for the report (but they don’t push that point too much 😉

      I checked out your site – that’s a great micro-niche you have there. And I like the clean design of the site.


  34. says

    Hi Moe,
    My wife and I are very new to Internet Marketing. We have invested in a training course with buckets of great information and help, but it can be over whelming and we have tended to lose our way at times. Reading your 60 page ebook has give us a great measure of clarity and a defined path to follow. Very helpful!
    A few comments… the screen shots of Google Key Work tool appear a bit dated… not and issue?
    Our current coaches previously used survey sites (a major step in your process) to gain and insight into the niche clients pain, wants and frustration, but have now gone away from them. The reasons are not totally clear… I will ask, but apparently due largely to more exposure to Google slap. If that’s the case, do you have a way around this?
    Please comment.
    Many thanks,
    Russell & Shirley

    • Moe says

      Hi Russell and Shirley,

      Thanks for your feed on my report – much appreciated!

      Regarding your question about surveys: Google has made it very difficult to launch surveys, so I’m now using Yahoo/Bing to drive traffic to my surveys. The volume of searches is a lot less, so it really only works with large niches. I’ve also started surveying my email lists more actively (yet another benefit of building a list!)

      Hope that helps,


  35. Jim says

    Excellent report, Moe. I picked up several things from this report. Backtesting searches through Google Trends was a great one. I’ve seen Trends used to confirm rising trends but not to confirm stable searches over time, indicative of an evergreen market. Very good. Another winner was the survey technique to confirm a market before developing the product. Very shrewd.

    The only real concern I had as I went through the report (answered in one of your online posts, I saw later) is Are we product marketers in search of a buyer (initially) or are we keyword searches in search of a niche that we can develop a propduct for. Said differently, do we 1) start with the keywords, find a niche, and then find or develop a product for that niche or 2) start with a product to promote. You advocate 1) in your report and on your blog site. I agree that is the best way long-term, but for someone just starting out, it lengthens the time so see succcess online. On your site you mention that you are enamored with niche profit classroom. So am I. Adam Short teaches to initially start with a product on Clickbank and then later become vendor-based and develop your own products.

    That is what I am going to have to do initially to generate revenue but I’ll definately migrate to your (and Adam’s) model as quickly as feasible.

    Thanks again for a well-thought-out and informative report.

    • Moe says

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my report, Jim – much appreciated!

      Regarding your question: I understand that it’s quicker to just find a product to promote and start promoting it – but it’s also a quicker way to lose money.

      I’ve lost track of the number of people who have told me they’ve spent months losing money (and time) promoting products that didn’t convert for them. Why didn’t the products convert? Well, one reason is that the marketer didn’t understand the audience for the product.

      As mentioned in various places on this blog, I focus on the health problems faced by middle-aged men. I now know this audience so well that my problem is finding the time to pursue all of the opportunities I have – opportunities that I’m confident will be profitable. That’s a far cry from most IMers, who struggle to find a single idea that is likely to make money.


  36. Jeff says

    I just have to say that I’m only up to page 47, and already this is shaping up to be the most entertaining and informative 47 pages of information that I’ve read.

    Thank you so much for providing this information, your a champion!

    Jeff R
    Sydney, Australia

  37. Cheryl Hill says

    Hi Moe,
    Just have to write and thank you for your survey info from earlier this year. I read that blog post and felt like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch. You saved me more work than you can imagine. What amazing generosity on your part – WOW!
    Moe, do you do affiliate products? My niche is showing people how to turn their most lucrutive passion into a profitable niche business. (Hense my excitement with your blog). Offline, I create franchises, sell them and train people. I am writing my program now but want to use a trustworthy affiliate product to build a list whilst I get my product together. My product is really before yours but you might have a win/win fit? Also Moe, I have business talent but not program writing/structuring talent. Any suggestions?

  38. says

    Either in this report or in one of your other publications you mention that your Adsense income is up to $2,000/month. You also mention that the two themes that you use are Socrates and Thesis. I’m getting ready to get into Adsense and own both those themes (though I’m not adept with Thesis yet). So I want to use Socrates. Because it was built by Joel Comm (actually Dan Nickerson is the developer) and Joel is so closely identified with Adsense, I suspect that is the one you use. Correct? If so, does it have any limitations? I’ve been looking at Heatmap Theme Pro5 but there is no point spending the money if Socrates will do the job.

    • Moe says

      Hi Jim – great question. Socrates works for me, but you really have to test which theme/layout works best for your niche and traffic.


  39. Felicha Stanley says

    My question is what are your suggestions for a niche market for a wedding and event center business. We specialize in weddings, corporate, and special events. To be more specific: weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, class reunions,product launch ,annual business meeting, corporate holiday party, just to name a few events.

    • Moe says

      Hi Felicha,

      Thanks for your question. Have you read my free report? In the report I describe numerous techniques for finding out what your market is looking for. You wouldn’t want my opinion on that market, because I know nothing about weddings or baby showers!


  40. says

    My website is new so there is nothing on it and it’s not hosted yet. But I want to create a product that helps people make more money when they sell their house and sell it faster. This is by going through step by step what they can do to prepare their home as if I were there doing it for them. There isn’t anything on clickbank like this so would you call this a micro niche?

    • Moe Muise says

      Hi Susan – great question. A “micro niche” is simply a small segment of a larger niche. In your case, the larger niche might be “residential home sellers”. The related micro niche could be “DIY residential home sellers” – because you’re targeting people who don’t mind doing things themselves to make more money on the sale (as opposed to people who are more “hands-off”, and wouldn’t be interested in rolling up their sleeves).

  41. Michelle Deaderick says

    Hi Moe..Just wanted to say loved this Finding Your Niche report. Listened via MP 3 mode. Very informative! Thank God you offered this report free of charge. I have paid for several “so called” reports that did not nearly cover what you offered. Wasted quite a bit of money trying to learn about Internet marketing.

    Thank you so very much,
    Michelle Deaderick

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