Clickbank Niches (2019): Ultimate Guide to 97 Evergreen Clickbank Niches -

Clickbank Niches (2019): Ultimate Guide to 97 Evergreen Clickbank Niches

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Did you know there are nearly two hundred Clickbank products that have been making sales for more than 5 years?

It’s true!

Even better, many of those products are in “evergreen” niches.

Evergreen niche:

A segment of a market in which there will always be demand from consumers.

Example: in the “diet” market, one could argue there will always be a “weight loss pills” niche, because there will always be overweight people and among those people there will always be a cohort that will pay for a weight loss solution that requires no effort.

In this guide I’ll show you those products, as well as the evergreen niches they belong to.

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • What this guide is all about
  • How I found these top-selling Clickbank products
  • How to choose the best Clickbank niche for you
  • 97 evergreen Clickbank niches

What This Guide is All About

“My biggest challenge is finding a niche that doesn’t have too much competition. I just want to start making a little money online without pulling all my hair out!”

Sound familiar? I’ve heard that line from hundreds of people who are new to making money online and are struggling with all the “moving parts” of starting an online business.

If you’re in that situation, relax – you’re in the right place.

How to Start Making Money Online in 2019

If you’re like most online marketers, you know that the foundation of making money online is choosing the right niche.


Because if you choose the wrong niche, you might waste your time chasing a market that:

  • Is too competitive
  • Is not profitable
  • Is boring

Ideally, you want to find a niche that:

  • Is low-competition (because who wants to get their butt kicked when they’re just starting out?)
  • Has a good chance of being profitable
  • Is at least a little interesting (note: “passion” is not required)

I created this guide for newbies who have been thinking about all the niches they could possibly get into but are feeling a little…overwhelmed.

So if you’re looking for information on niches that will be around for years, can make you some money, and are interesting…

You’re going to like (possibly love) this guide.

And if you’re interested in making money online by selling information products, you’re in for a real treat. Because in this guide, I’ll be introducing you to the best niches in the Clickbank Marketplace

Niches that are evergreen, have good search volume on Google, and are filled with passionate buyers…

The perfect “newbie niches”!

And here’s the best part: in addition to being evergreen, these niches have ready-made products that you can sell – because when doing my research I made sure to look for niches that already have Clickbank products that are making sales.

How I Found These Niches

I won’t bore you with all the methodological details behind this report (you’d only find them interesting if you’re a research nerd like me 😉

But just so you have some confidence in the report’s findings, here’s a quick run-down of how I found these niches:


I did an Advanced Search in the Clickbank Marketplace for products that met these two criteria:

Gravity 1 of at least 5
Average $/Sale 2 of at least $20

Let me explain my reasoning for each criterion:


When I pulled all Clickbank products that had a Gravity of at least 5 and an Average $/Sale of at least $20 that left 473 products.


I filtered out categories that I consider excessively spammy, like the "Betting Systems" niche, and some "make money online" products (yes, ironic).


I grouped related products (for example, there are two Clickbank products that teach people how to sing).


I brainstormed a topical keyword for each product category - in other words, a keyword that was broad enough to be a "topic", but still closely related to the Clickbank product. For example, for the singing products I settled on the seed topic "how to sing".


I plugged that topical keyword into Google Trends to see what the search volume trend for that topic has been since 2004 (as far back as Google Trends goes).


I entered the topical keyword into Ahrefs (the SEO tool I use for literally hours every day) to find the number of keywords that fall under that topical keyword.

For example, for the keyword "how to sing" Ahrefs shows 23,077 "Having same terms" keywords. In other words, there are over 23k keywords in Ahrefs' database that contain the words "how", "to", and "sing" in any order.

Keywords like these:


Ahrefs Search Volume (Monthly)

how to sing


how to sing better


how to sing higher


Keep in mind that those are only “Having same terms” keywords and doesn’t even include synonymous keywords, like “online singing lessons”, etc.

When you add in synonymous keywords, we’re talking hundreds of thousands of keywords, with millions in monthly search volume, just related to the topic “how to sing”.

The corollary: within those hundreds of thousands of keywords, there are some very low-competition terms that you could rank for, even with a new niche site.

How to Choose the Best Clickbank Niche for You

Not all niches are equal. As I state in my guide on how to find a profitable online niche, there are three criteria you should consider:

  • Need: is there a strong need in the niche for solutions to problems?
    I distinguish among four types of need: a physical need means a person can’t live without the solution; an emotional need causes a person to lie awake at night worrying about the problem; a passion need is typically felt by hobbyists who love a pastime; and a utility need is for something that people use on a day-to-day basis.
  • Searches: is there a good amount of people searching for a solution to their need online? And are there low-competition keywords you can target on your website to attract those people via the search engines?
  • Solutions: are there high-priced products you can promote as an affiliate, or can you create your own product?

I would add one more criterion: interest. Does one of the niches jump out at you as particularly interesting (maybe it’s a hobby or longtime interest of yours)? If yes, and the niche also meets the criteria above, definitely add that one to your list.

97 Clickbank Niches for 2019 (and Beyond…)

This is very much an evergreen guide. I plan to regularly update it with the best Clickbank niches, as part of a much larger, long-term research project: to determine the entrepreneurial opportunities for every niche on the web

Now we’re getting to the meat! In the section that follow are 97 niches that satisfy two criteria. All of these niches:

  1. 1
    Are evergreen, meaning they’re niches that will be around for a long time
  2. 2
    Have at least one relevant Clickbank product that has been making sales for the past 5 years (minimum)

Bonus: many niches have low-competition keywords that you can rank for easily in Google.

(Note: in all of these niches there are ALSO keywords that are highly competitive. I’ve only included niches that have at least a handful of keywords with good search volume and little competition.)

So these are the perfect niches for a newbie to get into (or a veteran who’s been banging their head against the wall for years).

Let’s jump into the niches!

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  • How to Sing
  • How to Play Piano 
  • Learn Photo Editing
  • Reiki
  • Bad Breath
  • Tonsil Stones
  • Job Interview Answers
  • Online Jobs
  • Get Paid to Test Video Games / Apps
  • House Sitting
  • ASVAB Practice Test
  • Snoring / Sleep Apnea
  • Insomnia
  • Get Paid for Surveys
  • Set Up an E-commerce
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Yeast Infection
  • Fibroids
  • Credit Repair
  • Cruise Deals
  • Cellulite
  • Acne
  • Vertigo / Dizziness
  • Forex Scalping
  • Forex Robots
  • Binary Trading
  • Back Pain / Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Heartburn
  • Hypnosis
  • Numerology
  • Law of Attraction
  • Affirmations & Manifestation
  • Chakras
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Cold Sores
  • Build a Chicken Coop
  • Shed Plans
  • Woodworking Plans & Business
  • Boat Plans
  • DIY Energy
  • Aquaponics
  • Urticaria / Hives
  • Fatty Liver
  • Nasal Polyps
  • Dog Training
  • Cat Training
  • Toxic Cleanse
  • Keratosis Pilaris
  • Psoriasis
  • How to Speak Spanish.. And French .. and..
  • Eye Floaters
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Become Taller
  • Pregnancy Help
  • Potty Training
  • Learn to Read
  • Pearly Penile Papules
  • Natural Breast Enlargement
  • Stop Smoking Marijuana
  • Government Auctions
  • Diabetes
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Improve Your Golf Swing
  • Golf Fitness
  • Jump Higher
  • Shyness / Social Anxiety
  • Save My Marriage
  • Survive An Affair
  • How to Get a Man
  • Fat Loss
  • How to Understand Men
  • How to Get a Woman
  • How to Get a Woman.. To be "Intimate" With You
  • Body Building
  • Calisthenics
  • Mobility (aka "Movement" Exercises)
  • Hip Flexor Exercises
  • Get Your Ex Back
  • Text Your Ex Back
  • Better Sex
  • Anti-Aging
  • Whited Your Skin
  • Bow Legs
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Last Longer in Bed
  • Get a Bigger… Ahem…"Member"


How to Sing

how_to_sing_nicheThis is an evergreen niche if I’ve ever seen one. Can you imagine people in future ever wanting to stop learning how to sing?

In fact, if you type the term “how to sing” into Google Trends, you’ll see a nice increasing trend in searches from 2004 to 2014 (the trend line slopes down after that but seems to have stabilized).

And as more people go online (globally and among older age groups), you’ll see more and more searches for online singing help.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

how to sing


Top Clickbank Product(s)

How to Play Piano

how_to_play_piano_nicheThis would be a great complement to the singing niche and is another evergreen niche that has been rising in search volume in recent years.

Bonus point: the top-selling Clickbank product in this niche has been selling since 2006! (See the “Sample Clickbank Product” below)

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

online piano lessons


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Learn Photo Editing

learn_photo_editing_nicheCamera technology is always changing, but some people will always want to touch-up their photos themselves.

In this niche there are tons of searches done every month for keywords related to “Photoshop tutorials”. The high-volume keywords have lots of competition, but there are many long-tail keywords with low competition.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

photoshop tutorials


Top Clickbank Product(s)


“Wealth” is one of the big three evergreen markets that will be around forever (the other two markets are “health” and “love” – aka relationships – which are also covered in this guide).

By “wealth” I don’t mean spiritual riches – I’m talking about anything to do with making or saving money.

Given that we live in a (craven) capitalist society, can you imagine a time when people aren’t concerned with making or saving money?

No, neither can I.

Which means if you set up a niche site – or a portfolio of niche sites – focused on helping people make or save money, you can take a long-term view and not have to worry about your niche going out of style.

So let’s look at some of the wealth niches that have popular, and long-selling, Clickbank products..

Employment & Jobs

Job Interview Answers

job_interview_answersThis is a sneaky little niche that helps people prepare for job interviews by providing answers to commonly asked interview questions.

This is obviously an evergreen niche, but what’s more, you could build an entire portfolio of sites related to other perennial job niches, such as job interviewing techniques, how to write cover letters, etc.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

job interview questions


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Online Jobs

online_jobs_nicheThere are some people who just want a job online, not a business (hard for us online entrepreneurs to believe, I know!)

One obvious target audience for this niche: stay-at-home moms (and the term “mommy jobs online” is a good, low-competition topic to target).

Another one: college students. (Term to target: “online jobs for college students”).

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

online jobs


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Get Paid to Test Video Games / Apps

get_paid_to_test_video_games_appsThese are really two separate niches, but I think there’s definitely big overlap with the target audiences (i.e. predominantly young males).

The top two products in this niche have had high Gravity for a long time.

Note that there’s a lot more search volume for people looking to test video games than to test apps. But you probably could have guessed that…

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

game tester jobs


Top Clickbank Product(s)


house_sitting_nicheInteresting fact: the main Clickbank product in this niche has been selling since October 2000 (nineteen years!).

This niche lends itself really well to geo-targeted keywords. In other words, you could create a niche site with web pages that target the word “house sitting” and all the popular house-sitting countries and cities in the world. For example: “house sitting Los Angeles”, “house sitting NYC”, etc.

(In fact, the keyword ““house sitting Los Angeles” gets ~500 searches on Google every month, as does the keyword “house sitting NYC”. And both of those keywords currently have a keyword difficulty score of 0 in Ahrefs, meaning very little competition.)

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

house sitting


Top Clickbank Product(s)

ASVAB Practice Test

asvab_practice_test_nicheASVAB stands for “Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery”.

Hey, wake up! Okay, I know this one sounds a little boring, but there’s big demand for it, and it’s not going away any time soon.

The ASVAB is an aptitude test given to people who want to join the US military.

There’s a surprisingly large amount of searches for this test – including a lot of long-tail, low-competition keywords.

For this niche, I would build a site on everything to do with getting into the US military.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

asvab practice


Top Clickbank Product(s)

E-Business & E-Marketing

Get Paid for Surveys

get_paid_for_survey_nicheSurprisingly, this niche has been around for a LONG time (I can remember it being big when I started online over 10 years ago). And it’s still going strong!

This niche has a strong appeal to – among other groups – the stay-at-home-mom audience. And guess what? They’re also interested in other “make money online” offers.

This is a competitive niche overall, but  has some long-tail keywords without much competition.

If you want to complement Clickbank products with other types of products, Justine Grey has a great list of money-related affiliate programs here.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

paid surveys


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Set Up an E-Commerce Store

The success of companies like Shopify has really increased interest in this niche. There are a ton of keywords you can target.

The main Clickbank product for this niche is a searchable database of Amazon and Ebay products to sell, along with a large directory of wholesale suppliers. (See “Sample Clickbank Product” below.) Interesting product!

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

ecommerce site


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Personal Finance / Save Money

Credit Repair

credit_repair_nicheThis is a niche with huge demand and a bunch of ways to monetize a site:

  • Clickbank offers (see the Top Product below)
  • CPA (cost-per-acquisition) offers for credit repair
  • Adsense ads (ads in this niche have a high cost-per-click)

There are also a bunch of informational keywords in this niche that offer huge costs-per-click.

Here’s an example: “how to start a credit repair business”. According to Ahrefs, that term has a Keyword Difficulty score of only 3 and a CPC of $5.00 (at the time I wrote this).

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

credit repair


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Cruise Deals


I was really surprised by the organic search volume in this niche – huge!

Interesting fact: a lot of the low-competition keywords in this niche are “cruise deals from X”. (For example, “cruise deals from Miami” has a Keyword Difficulty score of only 5 in Ahrefs.)

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

cruise deals


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Business / Investing

Forex Scalping

forex_scalpingYou might think “forex scalping” involves your ex-spouse and Native Americans.

But no.

“Scalping” (apparently) involves trading currencies based on real-time analysis of specific variables. The goal is to make a profit by buying or selling currencies and holding the position for a very short time, then closing the position for a small profit.

I say “apparently” because I don’t know anything about this niche. I’ve included it this guide because it’s been a popular niche on Clickbank for as long as I can remember.

The beauty of a niche like this is the mental accounting involved. People are willing to spend a lot of money on tools and education to potentially make money – because in their minds, those expenditures are an “investment” not an “expense”.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

forex scalping


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Forex Robots

forex_robotsFirst scalping, now robots?!

This is a little different than the “forex scalping” niche. Here people are looking for software that can automatically execute a forex trading strategy for them.

So people in the forex robot niche want to make a lot of money, but they don’t want to do any work to make that money.

Gee…sounds like another niche I know…

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

forex robot


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Binary Trading

binary_tradingA binary option (which I just looked up) is “a financial exotic option in which the payoff is either some fixed monetary amount or nothing at all”.

Sounds pretty risky. But it’s also apparently a popular form of trading, and there’s a Clickbank product that’s been selling for over 5 years (see below).

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

binary trading


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs


hypnosis_nicheYou’re getting very sleepy…You’re going to transfer $1,000 into my Paypal account after reading this guide…Oooooaaaahhhh…

The top-selling Clickbank product in this category is actually on “conversational” hypnosis, which is all about putting people into a “hypnotic trance” while you’re talking to them.

Does it work? Who knows! But a heck of a lot of people are interested in hypnosis – including conversational hypnosis – and are searching online for education.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

conversational hypnosis


Top Clickbank Product(s)


numerology_nicheApparently your birth date (and other numbers) determine your destiny. And I always thought hard work determined one’s destiny!

This is another one of those niches that stun you with their search volume. There are thousands of searches each month by people looking for their “lucky numbers”!

And that’s not to mention related niches, like “angel numbers”, “life numbers”, etc. (look them up – it’s astonishing).

The most popular Clickbank product in this niche has had a gravity in the 150 range for years, which means a lot of affiliates have been making sales, and probably for a long time.

Your challenge is to find the long-tail, low-competition keywords that can be used to get organic traffic to your site. Given that there are tens of thousands of keywords in the niche, that shouldn’t be too hard…

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs



Top Clickbank Product(s)

Law of Attraction

law_of_attractionIf you’ve seen the movie The Secret (or read the book), you’re familiar with the “law” of attraction. The idea is that everything you want can be achieved by believing it will happen, and by maintaining a “positive emotional state”.

This is a great micro niche in the self-help/personal development market, and there are many Clickbank products that sell well and could be promoted on a niche site dedicated to teaching the Law of Attraction.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

law of attraction


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Affirmations & Manifestation


This niche is a good tie-in with the “law of attraction/abundance” niche.

Positive affirmations software uses “subliminal messages” to help you achieve your goals. The idea is that this software will enter positive affirmations directly into your “subconscious mind”, which will improve your performance.

I suspect a lot of people searching Google in this niche are looking for free affirmations, but there’s so much search volume that you would only need a tiny percentage of that traffic to buy in order to make a solid income.

You could also ask visitors to give you their email address in exchange for free daily affirmations, and in every daily email send them to a different page on your site – that’s filled with ads! (This guy did it for years, and this guy still does it on some of his sites…)

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs




“Chakra” literally translates to “wheel” in Sanskrit, and in yoga it refers to the “wheel of energy” in your body.

Cool concept! But can it make money?

Well, the top Clickbank product in this niche has been making sales for years, and a related niche (yoga) has been a pretty popular topic…for three or four thousand years.

Needless to say, this product would be a great addition to a yoga-related site.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs



Top Clickbank Product(s)

Home & Garden

Build a Chicken Coop

build_a_chicken_coopThere’s a ton of untapped opportunity in the farming market, and because it’s not competitive, it’s an ideal market to try out your own information product. (I know this from experience. I created an info product on goat farming years ago and currently still make money from it.)

But if you want to get your feet wet before creating your own info product, consider promoting the top-selling Clickbank product below (hint: then use that experience to build out a niche empire of farming-related sites).

Give it a go – don’t be chicken!

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

chicken coop plans


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Shed Plans

shed_plansThis one is a great tie-in with the “build a chicken coop” niche (along with the woodworking plans and boat plans niches described on the next pages. Do you see a trend here? Think “niche empire”!)

The Clickbank products in this niche have a decent payout and good level of gravity, which means affiliates are already making money in the niche.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

shed plans


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Woodworking Plans & Business

woodworking_plans_and_businessYou get a “twofer” with this one: “woodworking plans” and “how to start a woodworking business”. Both niches have been going strong on Clickbank for years.

Interesting fact: there are more than 6,000 searches per month alone for the name of the top-selling Clickbank product! (Ted’s Woodworking Plans. See the “Top Clickbank Products” below.)

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

woodworking plans


Boat Plans

boat_plansAhoy, matey!

This niche could be a good tie-in with the handyman niches outlined in this report. Regardless, this is a niche in which people are willing to spend money to realize their dream of building their own boat.

There are also lots of physical products from Amazon that you could promote to complement Clickbank products.

Jump aboard!

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

boat plans


Top Clickbank Product(s)

DIY Energy

diy_energyThis is one of a handful of niches that I can remember was popular back when I started as a Clickbank vendor (10+ years ago).

And it’s still going strong!

As long as people have to pay to power/heat their homes, there are going to be people looking to save money on home energy – including trying to make their own.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

DIY solar


Top Clickbank Product(s)


aquaponicsApparently “aquaponics” involves using fish poo to grow organic vegetables. Not sure how I feel about that…

But it’s a hot gardening micro niche! A quick search on Google Trends for the keyword “aquaponics system” shows a steep upward trend in search volume from the early 2000s.

This would also be a great tie-in with any “pet fish”-related site.

So plug your nose and dig into this fishy niche!

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

aquaponics DIY


Top Clickbank Product(s)


Dog Training

dog_trainingIf you’ve taken any “make money online” courses, you know that this is the cliché niche used in a lot of examples (including mine!).

But that’s for a good reason – there’s a lot of money to be made online selling dog training advice to frustrated owners.

And there’s a ton of searches on Google for this topic – over 123,000 different keywords in Ahrefs’ database having the words “dog training”. And that doesn’t include synonymous searches like “dog discipline” or “dog commands”.

Bottom line: there are probably millions of dog owners looking for help online.

While there are some low-competition, long-tail keywords in the general “dog training” niche, I encourage you think about the many micro niches that you could also enter.

There are at least three distinct ways to approach this niche:

  • Training by breed (e.g. German Shepherd training)     
  • Training by age (e.g. puppy training)
  • Type of training (e.g. dog agility training)

There’s also a ton of keywords related to dog training products that you could promote as an Amazon affiliate. For example, there are more than 6,600 different keywords related to “dog training collar”. 

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

dog training


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Cat Training

cat_training_nicheCat training is a big niche online, although not nearly as popular as dog training (because cats are evil, IMHO).

The top Clickbank product in this niche teaches how to stop your cat from “spraying” (not sure what that is exactly, but it sounds pretty bad).

“Cat training” keywords in general are much less competitive than “dog training” keywords, and there are lots of Amazon products that could also be promoted, so this would be a great niche for a newbie online marketer to get into.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

cat spraying


Top Clickbank Product(s)


How to Speak Spanish…and French…and…

how_to_speak_spanishArriba! Arriba!

Yes, up – that’s where demand for Spanish language training is headed, especially with the rise of the Hispanic demographic group in the U.S.

In many U.S. states, knowing a second language can give a job applicant a competitive advantage – and many people are looking for the convenience of learning online.

And there are other language guides that have been selling for over five years on Clickbank:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

learn spanish


Parenting & Families

Pregnancy Help

pregnancy_helpIf you’ve known someone who has struggled to get pregnant, you know this is a classic desperate niche – an emotional need that people lie awake at night trying to figure out a solution to.

Beyond being evergreen, the beauty of this niche is you’re helping people achieve their dream of starting a family – and you’re making money at the same time!

Here’s a bonus: one of the top keywords in this niche is for a Clickbank product, and has been for years (Pregnancy Miracle). Grab some long-tail versions of this keyword and start getting traffic and making sales!

A great angle for a site in this niche would be to focus exclusively on getting pregnant/increasing fertility. In addition to helpful informational content (targeting low-competition keywords) you could also review fertility supplements, relevant Amazon products, etc.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

pregnancy help


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Potty Training

potty_trainingIf you’re thinking about starting a pregnancy site, this could be the next step in the “evolution” of your portfolio.

There are some good low-competition keywords in this niche, along with some interesting related physical products (have you heard of a “potty training watch”?)

This is yet another evergreen niche that will never go away. I attribute my hair loss partly to potty training my two boys – definitely a “desperate” niche.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

potty training


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Learn to Read

funny baby girl in glasses reading a book in a libraryNext stop on the parenting train!

Once you’ve helped couples get pregnant, then helped them stop their toddlers from pooping themselves, the next step is to help their kids to read.

The top Clickbank product in this niche has a great payout (~$45) and a nice-looking site.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

teach child to read


Top Clickbank Product(s)


Government Auctions

government_auctionsWhen I was growing up there was a rumor that the government sold cars for pennies on the dollar at “secret” auctions (as a 16-year-old I salivated at the idea of buying a Lamborghini for $100).

Apparently these auctions do take place, because thousands of people a month search for government and repossessed car auctions (including a ton of searches for police vehicle auctions).

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

police car auctions


Top Clickbank Product(s)


Improve Your Golf Swing

improve_your_golf_swingDid you know that the average golfer spends nearly $3,000 a year on golf – and that figure hasn’t changed since the year 1915?

Golf definitely qualifies as an “enthusiast” niche. Golfers tend to be passionate about the sport and willing to spend big bucks to get better.

And what’s the first thing they try to get better at? No, not coordinating their checkered pants with their plaid shirts – their golf swing!

That would explain why two of the top-selling Clickbank golf products teach how to improve a golfer’s…swing.

P.S. Can you think of some Amazon products that would be great tie-ins with improving your golf swing? I sure can.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

golf swing


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Golf Fitness

golf_fitnessThis is an interesting angle on the golf market, and obviously a great complement to the “improve your golf swing “niche.

There are a surprising number of searches related to golf fitness (I didn’t realize you had to be fit to play golf!)

As with some of the other niches in this guide, you could start your niche empire with these two proven micro niches (improve your golf swing, and golf fitness). Then build into related niches once you get some revenue coming in and customer interaction!

Topical Keyword

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golf fitness


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Jump Higher

jump_higherThis niche is made for me! I’m 5’5”, so I have to jump higher just to reach the dinner table.

Believe it or not, there are thousands of searches per month on Google by athletes looking for help to jump higher (primarily for basketball, but other sports, too).

Both of the top-selling Clickbank products in this niche have good commissions (the higher-paying product has an average $/sale of ~$123.00!)

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jump higher



Survive a Crisis

survive_a_crisisThis is a relatively new online niche that has exploded in popularity recent years, with as many as 3.7 million Americans calling themselves “preppers” or “survivalists”.

(Another sign this is a growing niche? Costco now sells a $6,000 “doomsday prep kit”).

There are a ton of new products coming online to satisfy the needs of preppers, people who are actively preparing to survive an emergency (such as a large terrorist attack, natural disaster, etc.).

And what’s interesting is how the Clickbank products in this niche approach it from various angles (take a look at the products below, and you’ll see what I mean – there’s drought prep, blackout prep, bulletproofing your home, etc.).

Lots of different angles you could use to get into this niche.

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Health & Fitness


Before considering starting a site in a health niche, keep in mind the smackdown that many small (and some big) health sites suffered during the 2018 “Medic” update.

If you don’t know what the Medic update is, it’s a change that Google rolled out to its ranking algorithms in August 2018. Some sites suffered massive drops in traffic as a result of the update, because their pages disappeared from the top spots in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Apparently the sites that were hit worst were the ones that don’t have strong “E-A-T” – Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust. That includes a lot of small, niche health sites that were run by “layman”, not medical experts.

Having said the above, there are small sites that are getting by - and even thriving - in the post-Medic environment. Here are some things you can do if you’re considering getting into a health niche:

  • Partner with a medical professional. One thing Google – and some of your visitors – want to see is links to legitimate profiles that show medical credentials (e.g. LinkedIn profile, Author page on journal sites, etc.). Partner with a nurse, doctor, or other health professional whose credentials you can “borrow”.
  • Choose a health niche that Google doesn’t require medical credentials for. I obviously can’t speak for Google, but I know from my own research that there are small affiliate sites ranking on the first page of the SERPs in these niches:
  • Health gadgets
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Back pain


Fat Loss

Fat loss is a classic niche for online entrepreneurs, and it’s HUGE.

It’s also SUPER-competitive.

Which means anyone trying to break into fat loss with a new site needs to “niche down” until they find a really tightly-focused micro-niche that doesn’t have too much competition.

Examples? Here are two I found when doing research for this guide:

  • {Celebrity name} weight loss (e.g. “Susan Boyle weight loss”)
  • How to lose {body part} fat (e.g. “how to lose face fat”)

Both of those examples use an alternative “angle” to approach fat loss; instead of directly targeting keywords like “how to lose fat” (which is a very competitive keyword), they use an indirect angle.

Both of those niches have lots of low-competition keywords that you could use to get your foot in the Google rankings door.

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how to lose face fat




body_buildingAnother classic niche that’s big, competitive, and never going away.

Like the fat loss niche, bodybuilding requires niching down and taking an original angle to a find pocket of low competition.

Here are three bodybuilding micro-niches that (at the time of writing) have a good number of low-competition keywords:

  • bodybuilding meal prep
  • vegetarian bodybuilding
  • vegan bodybuilding

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bodybuilding meal prep



calesthenics_nicheCalisthenics is also known as “body weight” exercises. Calisthenics is all about building strength/muscle without lifting dumbbells or any other artificial weights – you’re just using your own body weight.

If you’ve ever done pull-ups, chin-ups, or handstands, you’ve done calisthenics.

I know this niche well because I’ve been an avid follower of calisthenics for five years.  

And it’s awesome!

There are lots of low-competition keywords that use the word “calisthenics”, but I suspect there are also a lot of people searching for free calisthenics exercises online.

That’s fine – because there’s always a percentage of people who are willing to pay for information that’s structured and easy to access (which I know personally, because I’ve purchased online calisthenics programs).

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Mobility (aka “Movement”) Exercises

This is an awesome example of a relatively new niche that could turn into an evergreen niche.

“Mobility” exercises are just what they sound like – exercises to help people be less stiff/inflexible and more able to move freely.

It’s a growing niche because people are increasingly working in sedentary jobs (i.e. sitting at a desk all day), which leads to problems moving.

Will this niche be around forever? There’s no guarantee – but as long as our societies are (and get more) sedentary, I can’t see it going away.

And it’s steadily growing. Check out the Google Trends graph showing search volume for “mobility exercises” from 2004 to 2019:


Topical Keyword

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mobility exercises


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Hip Flexor Exercises

hip_flexor_exerciseThis is another relatively new micro-niche, and is related to mobility exercises (see the previous niche).

Hip flexors are muscles that connect your upper leg to your hip. Apparently there are a lot of people who have tight hip flexors, and there are different theories as to why that is.

Bottom line: this niche has a bunch of low-competition keywords, along with niche sites ranking on the first page of Google.

Topical Keyword

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hip flexor stretch


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anti-aging_nicheThe anti-aging niche is awesome for so many reasons:

  • Resistance to aging is a strongly emotional (some would say desperate) need
  • Obviously evergreen
  • There are lots of complementary Amazon offers and CPA offers that can be promoted on an anti-aging niche site

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anti aging


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Whited Your Skin

whiten_your_skiThe offers in this niche appeal to people of color (e.g. African-Americans, Indians, darker-skinned Hispanics).

The reason? Some people of color want to lighten their skin.

It’s an unfortunate reality, but it is reality. Here’s a statistic to prove the point: in 2017 there were $4.8 billion worth of global skin-lightening products sold, and that’s projected to increase to $8.9 billion by 2027.

The great thing about this niche is that it’s both a very emotional (desperate) niche, it’s perennial, and there are lots of different offers that you could use to monetize a niche site (e.g. Clickbank offers, creams, high-CPC ads, etc).

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lighten skin


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Bow Legs

bow_legs_nicheI didn’t know that some people struggled with this health condition – until I saw the keywords people are typing into Google to find help.  

The top Clickbank product in this niche gets hundreds of searches a month.

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bow legs


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Spiritual Health


reiki_nicheReiki is a healing approach based on the idea that a therapist can channel energy into a patient by touching them, and that energy activates the healing process.

This is a great micro niche in the “alternative medicine” niche, because an increasing number of people are becoming interested in practicing “Eastern” medicine.

Topical Keyword

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reiki healing


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Dental Health

Bad Breath

bad_breath_nicheThis would be a great niche to include in a portfolio of relationship websites!

Also, there are lots of complementary Amazon products that could be promoted on a “halitosis” niche site.

Keywords in this niche are surprisingly competitive, although there are pockets of opportunity (especially if you’re willing to pivot to dog’s bad breath – lots of low-competition keywords there! Yuck…)

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

bad breath


Tonsil Stones

tonsils_stonesTonsil stones are deposits of calcium that build up on the…tonsils.

They’re pretty gross – but also a great tie-in with any dental health-related niche site!

Topical Keyword

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tonsil stones


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Snoring/Sleep Apnea

sleeping_apneaI used to own sites in these niches, and I sold hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of my own info products related to sleep apnea.

So I know there’s money to be made!

(Note, however, that Google’s “Medic” update definitely affected some sites in these two niches, so you would need to make sure your site has solid E-A-T.)

Even though I’ve lumped these two niches together here, snoring and sleep apnea aren’t “comorbid” – in other words, if a person snores, they won’t necessarily also have sleep apnea. But there’s certainly a correlation between the two.

From experience I can tell you these are “desperate” niches with many buyers!

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

anti snoring devices



insmonia_nicheThis is another sleep-related niche that requires good E-A-T to gain trust from Google.

But it’s obviously another huge, evergreen problem that’s not going away any time soon.

There are (unfortunately for the sufferer) tie-ins with other health conditions like anxiety, depression, etc.

Topical Keyword

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can’t sleep


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Plantar Fasciitis

plantar_fasciitisFace plant? Who did a face plant?

Oh, wait – this health condition is called Plantar Fasciitis, and it refers to an inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot (plain English: “heel pain”).

And it gets a crapload of searches on Google! It’s estimated that 10% of people have plantar fasciitis at some point in their life. (Who knew?)

This niche is also proof of something I’ve said for a long time: there are thousands of niches online that have yet to be exploited! If this is the first time you’re hearing about plantar fasciitis (or any other niche in this guide), can you imagine how many other niches there are?

Topical Keyword

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plantar fasciitis


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Yeast Infection

yeast_infectionLet’s deal with this one quickly and move on, shall we?

This is obviously a desperate niche, with people keen to find a solution (pronto!)

There’s also massive search volume in this niche, including a lot of searches for “natural” treatments and remedies. So there are a ton of long-tail, low-competition keywords you could target!

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

candida cleanse



fibroidsFibroids are abnormal growths that develop in or on a woman’s uterus. Serious business.

The mainstream keywords in this niche (e.g. keywords containing the words “cause”, “treatment”, etc.) are very competitive, but there are sub-niches that are ripe for opportunity.

Case in point: at the time of writing, keywords that combine “fibroid” or “fibroids” + “diet” have very little competition. And there are hundreds of them.

As with many other Clickbank products in this report, the top CB product in this niche gets hundreds of searches per month but has very little competition.

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cellulite_nicheCellulite – the bane of some women’s existence!

This is another health/appearance problem that plays on people’s emotions. Just check out the number of cellulite memes on the internet…

Here’s an angle to get lots of organic traffic: celebrities. The terms “Kim Kardashian” and “cellulite” together have 211 different keywords, according to Ahrefs – and every keyword is low-competition. Publish a handful of juicy articles on that topic and watch the traffic (and links) come in…

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

get rid of cellulite


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acne_nicheThis is a perennial niche, but also a fairly competitive one.

The best keyword strategy with this niche is to target body parts (sounds kind of clinical, I know…).

For example, according to Ahrefs, these keywords have little competition: “forehead acne”; “chest acne”; “acne on chin”; etc.

(Note: I’m not recommending you start writing articles targeting those specific terms. Those would be the topics that would create “category” pages for on your site. Then you’d niche down those topics into narrower sub-topics that you would write articles on.)

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

acne treatment


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Vertigo / Dizziness

vertigo_dizzinessDo you ever feel dizzy after you stand up abruptly?

That’s kind of like vertigo. Except that people with vertigo experience it persistently – a spinning dizziness.

This one’s a bit hard to find low-competition keywords for. Having said that, the lower-competition keywords seem to focus on treatments for the different types of vertigo (e.g. “positional vertigo treatment”).

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

vertigo treatment


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Back Pain/Sciatica

back_pain_nicheThis is a classic HUGE, evergreen niche.

Back pain is the second most-common reason for a trip to the doctor in the USA (after the common cold).

This is definitely a competitive niche overall.

But like every other huge niche, there are pockets of opportunity. A few minutes of keyword research uncovered these ideas:

  • “Upper back pain treatment” (relatively uncompetitive)
  • Keywords that include some product categories are much less competitive (e.g. “best office chair for lower back pain”)

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

back pain treatment


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arthritis_nicheDid you know that 54 million adults in the USA have arthritis, and it’s the leading cause of disability in the country?

Dios mío! What an opportunity for entrepreneurs.

There’s definitely an opportunity in this niche to rank for keywords related to products for arthritis. Two examples: “arthritis gloves” and “essential oils for arthritis”.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

rheumatoid arthritis treatment


Top Clickbank Product(s)


heart_burnHeartburn is a symptom of two health conditions called acid reflux and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). They amount to a huge amount of search volume online.

This is another niche that’s very competitive for the mainstream keywords (e.g. “heartburn causes”, “heartburn symptoms”) but when you drill down you can find pockets of keywords with little competition (e.g. “essential oils for heartburn”)

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

heartburn relief


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High Blood Pressure

high_blood_pressureHigh blood pressure affects more than 100 million Americans, and is associated with other health conditions like diabetes, stroke, and many more.

As you would guess, there’s also huge search volume by people looking to lower their blood pressure.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

how to lower blood pressure


Top Clickbank Product(s)

High Cholesterol

high_cholesterolLike blood pressure, this affects a huge chunk of US adults (around 95 million, in fact).

One group of low-competition keywords in this niche are recipes for low cholesterol. Of course, most people searching for recipes are looking for free content – but I’ll bet a portion of those people are motivated to buy solutions that can help them reduce their cholesterol levels.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

how to lower cholesterol


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Cold Sores

cold_soresDid you know that stress can trigger a cold sore? (If you didn’t know that, you probably don’t have kids…)

Cold sores are another ubiquitous health condition that is widespread and gets tons of search volume – which means opportunity for entrepreneurs who are willing to dig and find clusters of low competition.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

cold sore remedies


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Urticaria / Hives

urticaria_nicheWhen I first heard of urticaria I thought it was a funky new Hawaiian instrument, but alas, it’s just a fancy medical term for “hives”.

It’s also a pain in the butt for half a million people in the US (so to speak…).

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

get rid of hives


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Fatty Liver

fatty_liver_diseaseAnd you thought only your muffin top could be fat! Turns out a person’s liver can be fat too.

The keywords in this niche are surprisingly competitive – but there are some diet-related keywords that you could rank for with a bit of effort.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

fatty liver diet


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Nasal Polyps

nasal_polypsNasal polyps are grape-shaped growths that hang down from the lining of your nasal passages.

(Were you eating something when you read that? Sorry. At least I didn’t mention the other grape-shaped growths: hemorrhoids. Oops…)

Apparently nasal polyps are associated with asthma and allergies. I’ve read that they’re also related to snoring and sleep apnea (a good tie-in if you’re going to start a “nasal health”-related site).

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

nasal polyp removal


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Toxic Cleanse

toxic_cleanseThe top Clickbank product in this niche is called “Everyday Roots”, but what the book addresses is the idea of a “toxic cleanse”, i.e. getting rid of toxins in one’s life.

Variations of the keyword “Everyday Roots Book” get hundreds of searches per month, so those could be easy wins for a new site in this niche.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

natural cleaners


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Keratosis Pilaris

keratosis_pilaris“Kerry who?” That’s what I said when I first came across this micro niche.

Keratosis pilaris (also called “chicken skin”) is a common skin condition that causes rough patches and small, acne-like bumps on the arms, thighs, cheeks, and buttocks (that last one sounds really embarrassing!)

Compared to the “big” health conditions this one doesn’t get a lot of search volume, but there’s also less competition. There’s also a lot of opportunity to get creative and find “lateral” keywords to target in the search engines, like “how to get rid of chicken skin”.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

keratosis pilaris


Top Clickbank Product(s)


psoriasisDon’t confuse psoriasis with cirrhosis, like I sometimes do (one means you scratch a lot; the other means you drink too much).

Psoriasis is itchy, scaly skin that often has red patches.

Needless to say, this one is a great tie-in with the previous niche: keratosis pilaris (aka “chicken skin”). Both could be featured/promoted on a niche site that covers skin conditions or skin care.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

psoriasis treatment


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Eye Floaters

eye_floatersThat’s right – another obscure health micro niche. There’s simply no end to them!

“Eye floaters” are small moving spots that appear in your field of vision. They’re typically caused by age-related changes in your eyes, which makes this an awesome niche to build a portfolio of sites around (because as people age, they usually have more and more health problems that need solutions!)

Interesting fact: the name of the top Clickbank product in this niche is also one of the highest-volume keywords (and has very little competition).

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

eye floaters


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Excessive Sweating

excessive_sweatingHaving lived in the tropics and the desert, this is something I know well – sweating!

But this niche actually deals with a health condition called “hyperhidrosis”, or abnormally increased sweating.

This is obviously an embarrassing problem, and a problem that people will gladly pay money for a proven solution.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

excessive sweating


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Become Taller

become_tallerThis micro-niche was made for me! As a vertically-challenged dude, I could be the poster boy for the Clickbank offers in this niche.

You might see this as a flash-in-the-pan type of niche, but according to Google Trends search volume has been consistent since 2005, and has actually increased since 2009 (which, interestingly, is around the time the two of the main Clickbank products in this niche were launched).

Even if you’re not interested in this niche, check out the sales page of the first Top Clickbank Product (see below). It’s hilarious.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

grow taller


Stop Smoking Marijuana

stop_smoking_marijuanaOkay, we’ve weeded out the other niches, now we’re into the interesting stuff!

According to, marijuana use has been increasing among young people since 2007. And the flip side of that trend? There’s been an increase in the number of searches online for how to quit smoking marijuana.

This niche was made for Justin Trudeau.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

quit weed


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Pearly Penile Papules

pearly_penile_papules“Pearly penile papule” – try saying that quickly three times in a row! It’s like a perverted tongue twister.

Pearly penile papules are a string of pearl-like bumps that appear on the head of a man’s “member”.

This condition doesn’t have much search volume, but I suspect that’s because most men who have the condition don’t know what it’s called – so this niche would require some creative keyword research to find relevant keywords. 

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

pearly penile papule removal


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Natural Breast Enlargement

natural_breast_enlargementNow we’re getting into the good stuff!

(Sorry, ladies – most of my readers are guys…)

There are a lot of women searching for ways to enhance their breasts naturally – this would be a great niche in a portfolio of health and beauty sites serving women.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

natural breast enlargement


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Health Niches with Big Demand - But Proceed Cautiously...

As mentioned at the beginning of this section, the so-called “Medic” update targeted sites in health niches (among others) that aren’t affiliated with credentialed medical professionals.

 My (anecdotal) observation is that some health niches were hit harder than others, and if you want to start a site in one of those niches you’ll have to work harder.

Here are some of those niches, along with the top-selling Clickbank products:


diabetesIt’s estimated that 8.5% of the world’s adult population has diabetes, and by 2030 diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death globally.

This is a massive, desperate niche – BUT after Google’s Medic update, it’s probably also a damn hard one to break into these days.

This has been a huge niche on Clickbank for years, but I would stay away unless you fit into one of these categories:

  • You have a site that’s established and getting health-related traffic;
  • You’re a medical doctor or other healthcare professional who can prove their credentials (or you can partner with someone who can); or
  • You’re open to trying non-organic traffic methods, such as pay-per-click advertising.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

diabetes treatment


Panic Attacks

panic_attacksIf you’ve ever had a panic attack, or know someone who has, you know what an absolutely terrifying and disorienting experience it is. Wouldn’t it be great to help people overcome this dreaded condition?

If you’re interested in panic attacks, you’ll be happy to know that this is a longstanding niche on Clickbank, the top product has been selling since 2003!

This is another niche that might be tough to enter unless you have some medical credentials – although definitely not as tough as niches like diabetes, as I’ve seen some niche sites and personal blogs that are ranking for panic attack keywords.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

stop panic attacks


Top Clickbank Product(s)


depression_nicheIf you’ve struggled with depression and managed to overcome it (or even reduce it), this would be a wonderful niche to make a positive difference in the world and make money (imagine that!)

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

depression treatment


Top Clickbank Product(s)

Ovarian Cysts

ovarian_cystsAn “ovarian cyst” is a sac filled with fluid that forms on or inside an ovary (try not to form a mental image of that).

Ovarian cysts are associated with a health condition called “Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (or the initials “PCOS”).

PCOS can lead to other health problems, typically in females aged 12-45, such as menstrual cycle changes and trouble getting pregnant (hint, hint: do you see a tie-in with any other niches here?)

This is clearly a great niche if you’d like to serve younger females as your target audience, and you could combine this niche with others from this guide, such as the “pregnancy help” niche.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

ovarian cyst


Top Clickbank Product(s)


Shyness / Social Anxiety

shy manThere are a surprising number of low-competition keywords in this niche, and the website for the top Clickbank product gets a ton of organic search traffic (which is unusual. Most Clickbank product sites don’t rank organically for many keywords and get the majority of their traffic from affiliate referrals).

A related micro-niche is “fear of driving”, which also has a long-selling Clickbank product (see below).

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

social anxiety support




Relationships is one of the “big three” evergreen markets that will be around forever (the other two: health and “wealth”, aka personal finances).

Can you imagine a time in the future when every relationship runs smoothly and no one is looking for advice for how to fix a broken marriage, find a boyfriend/girlfriend…or one of hundreds of other relationship problems?

I’ve tried to imagine such a Utopian future. Alas, I can’t.

And that’s great news! (For us affiliate marketers.)

Because it means there’s always going to be strong demand for the offers/solutions/products that we’re promoting on our niche sites.

In this section I cover evergreen niches in the Relationships market, along with the Clickbank products that have been consistently making sales for years in those niches.   

Save My Marriage

Funny happy family couple embracingIn 2011 (the most recent year I could find data for), there were 2.1 million marriages in the USA and nearly 900,000 divorces.

Those are depressing statistics – but they represent an opportunity! You could be helping people before they get to the divorce stage.

There’s no shortage of Clickbank products you could promote to help couples avoid divorce – and no shortage of people online searching for advice to save their marriage.

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

save marriage


Survive An Affair

survive_an_affairCan you guess how many people cheat on their spouse? (And I’m not talking about poker.)

In one 2011 study (again, the most recent I could find), 23.3% of men and 19.2% of women said they’d had “sexual interactions” with someone other than their partner during their current relationship.

Opportunity alert!

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

surviving infidelity


Top Clickbank Product(s)

How to Get a Man

how_to_get_a_manSorry, married ladies, this niche isn’t “how to get a man to take out the garbage”. It’s how a woman can get a man for herself.

This is obviously a niche that’s geared toward women, and probably women who are desperate to find a mate.

There are a crapload of Clickbank products in this niche making regular sales. The most popular product gets thousands of searches a month for its title alone!

Topical Keyword

Number of Related Keywords in Ahrefs

how to get a man