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36 Niche Markets Revealed By Howie Schwartz


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If you’re looking for some good brainstorming material for new markets to enter, check out Howie Schwartz’s free report entitled “36 Money Pulling Niches“.

In the report he covers some of the standard niches (e.g. weight loss, acne), but there are definitely some niches that are out of the mainstream (green smoothie, anyone?)

While the report doesn’t go into detail about these niches, one of the things I like about the report is that it shows you many ways to research niches, including using some search features in Google that a lot of people don’t know about. (Have you ever heard of Google’s “Wonder Wheel”?)

So go ahead and dowload Howie’s free report. It’ll only take you a few minutes to skim, and you might just stumble across a million-dollar idea!

You can download the report here .

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