How to Predict the Profitability of an Affiliate Product...Before You Start Promoting It -

How to Predict the Profitability of an Affiliate Product…Before You Start Promoting It

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The title of this post is a bit misleading – in this post’s video I actually show you the following:

(1) How to use the “Advanced Search” feature in Clickbank to choose a product that is likely to convert AND that you can promote without getting killed by your competition. In the video I also show you one particular Clickbank product that I think has great potential and little competition.

(2) How to do quick keyword and competition research to figure out if a Clickbank product gets enough searches (but doesn’t have too much competition)

(3) How to use a cool (free) tool set up by Howie Jacobson to calculate the profit potential of a product. (You could also use the tool to estimate the profitability of an entire niche, if you have numbers for all of tool’s inputs.)

Here’s a screenshot of Howie’s Search Volume Market Profitability Calculator, which can be found by clicking here.

Click image to enlarge

This tool is awesome for (at least) two reasons: it allows you to quickly determine if you should promote a particular product, and it isolates a handful of key factors that you MUST always have in mind when deciding to promote a product online.

Your thoughts?

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