How to Do Niche Research Using Question & Answer Websites -

How to Do Niche Research Using Question & Answer Websites

Do you want to know what’s on the mind of your market, but don’t have time to do in-depth niche research?

Shame on you! Niche research is the most important part of an online business!

Okay, okay, so I’m biased. I love doing niche research!

But I know that sometimes we just want to do some quick-and-dirty market research to get a sense of what’s on people’s minds. That’s why I’ve whipped up a 15-minute video showing you five of the question-and-answer websites that I use to get a feel for a market.

In the video I take you briefly through these websites, and show how you can very quickly glean valuable insight into the needs of a niche.

Here are the websites I cover in the video:

Google’s Wonder Wheel

How can you use the information that you get from these Q&A websites?

Well, I wouldn’t say the quality of info is good enough to develop a product from. But you could certainly use the information to quickly develop a free report for your blog/website, or use the information to figure out what the categories of your new website should be.

What tools do you use to do quick niche research?

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I've been making money online since 2009 and have a passion for research. My focus is niche research: finding profitable niches, keyword research, and competition analysis, as well as creating outstanding content.

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