KWBlogger Podcast #1: Jump on the Traffic Accelerator with Rob Cornish of! -

KWBlogger Podcast #1: Jump on the Traffic Accelerator with Rob Cornish of!

In my very first podcast interview, I’m joined by Rob Cornish of Rob has achieved an incredible amount of success in a very short period of time. How incredible, and in how little time? Try $260,000 in info product revenue since May 2011!

Despite being relatively new to making money online, Rob has a wealth of knowledge to share on creating information products and getting massive amounts of traffic quickly.

In this podcast you’ll hear Rob and I discuss:

– How Rob was able to go from $0 in revenue to $260k in revenue in less than 9 months.
– Why you don’t have to be passionate about a niche to make good money from it. (That myth is one of my pet peeves!)
– How Rob decided on the niche he would purue (and greatly profit from)
– The single best source of traffic that doesn’t cost a dime (not SEO!)
– Rob’s “traffic accelerator” concept, and the steps you can follow to get started using it today
– The easiest and quickest way to create high-value information products
– Why you don’t need to be an “expert” in a niche to make killer profits
– How Rob does product launches
– The only marketing book you need to read this year, and how you can use it to hugely increase conversions

NOTE: I had internet connection problems during this interview (ironic, eh, given that I’m an online marketer!), and had to splice bits of interview together. Sorry if the interview’s a little disjointed in places. Learning curve!

If you’d like to download the transcript of the interview, please click here.

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